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HP vs. Dell vs. IBM vs. Sunacle vs Reg Club

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Re: Revolution/Evolution


Where Business meets supercomputers: Home of The Register's HPC Community

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Talk About an Own Goal


Little fluffy clouds

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Re: RE: Remind me why we got rid of those nasty fax machines, clerk?


Lock away your bits

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Re: All your eggs in one basket


How much carrion can a carrier pigeon carry?

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FCC: Oh no, deary me. What a shame. Too bad, so sad we can't do net neutrality appeal during the US govt shutdown


E pluribus unum

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It's over? Pat Gelsinger's post vSphere VMware NSX-T opportunity


Where managers go to die

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Is Simon himself trapped in the system?

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open Well, it is the Empire of enterprise IT... Oracle's Ellison plans 'Star Wars cyber defense' for his second-generation cloud 11
open Huge if true: We'll put customers, applications, and AI first, says Oracle at annual SF shindig 1
open Microsoft Azure looks to make cloud-native payments SWIFTer 9
By Def
open Alibaba pulls dust covers off its new London cloud presence 17
open Can't get pranked by your team if nobody in the world can log on 78
open Ericsson's very good bad quarter, Mozilla encrypts SNI, new TIP projects, and more 7
open Samsung claims key-value Z-SSD will be fastest flash ever 5
open Yale Security Fail: 'Unexpected load' caused systems to crash, whacked our Smart Living Home app 59
By JohnFen
open There's no 'I' in 'IMFT' – because Micron intends to buy Intel out of 3D XPoint joint venture 3
open Metadata-farming, data-silo-killing startup: Go on. Bring us your unstructured stuff 1
By ChiefDS
open Ex-Huawei man claims Chinese giant is suing his startup to 'surpass' US tech dominance 12
open Haunted disk-drive? This story will give you the chills... 86
By Boork!
open F5: Don't panic but folks can slip past vulnerable firewall servers, thanks to libssh's credentials-optional 'security' 16
open WD shoots out 96-layer embedded flash chips 9
open UK Home Office admits £200m Emergency Services Network savings 'delayed' 22
By xpz393
open Come on, Cisco bug-hunters: No terrifying critical vulns? Are you saving for Halloween? 4
open Crucial P1 minicard flash drive? Not if you grabbed Intel's 660p 8
By PhilipN
open Our processor tech's got legs, says Arm: 'One million' data center servers will ship in 2018 3
open IBM talks 'emerging, high value segments' – so you know the Q3 numbers aren't great 10
open Arm doodles server, comms CPUs in public before they leak out in open-source code... 2
open Violin Systems gnaws off X-IO Technologies' storage arm 6
open Google Cloud chief joins Saudi shindig exodus over journalist's worrying disappearance 58
open IBM spits out one cloud manager to rule them all 2
open Amazon Prime Music turns the volume down a little too much 21
open Fujitsu: We love Microsoft Azure, we're training 10,000 bods on it 1
open Emergency Services Network delays to cost public purse £1.1bn, Home Office reveals 26
open Mobe networks battle to bring comms back after Hurricane Michael smashes US Gulf Coast 28
open Virgin Media? More like Virgin Meltdown: Brit broadband ISP falls over amid power drama 107
open Outside of Japan, Fujitsu KILLS the K5 cloud with 'immediate effect' 12
open Scanning an Exchange server for a virus that spreads via email? What could go wrong? 78
By dbtx
open 300,000 BT pensioners await Court of Appeal pension scheme ruling 60
By Roland6
open Powerful forces, bodily fluids – it's all in a day's work 108
By D@v3
open Broadcom, its baffling $19bn CA biz gobble, and the fake Pentagon memo crying about national security 7
open Here you go, cloudy admins: Google emits NATty odds 'n' sods 5
By o p
open Cloud data warehouser Snowflake has just trousered another $450m 7
open You can hear a PIN drop... All quiet on the mobile broadband speed front, says network watcher OpenSignal 6
By Giles C
open Slow your roll: VMware urges admins to apply workarounds to DoS-inducing 3D render vuln 2
open HPC botherer DDN breaks file system benchmark record 8
open Your pal in IT quits. Her last words: 'Converged infrastructure...' What does it all mean? We think we can explain 19
By f11
open I find your lack of faith disturbing, IBM: Big Blue fires photon torpedo at Pentagon JEDI cloud contract 59
open Compose yourselves: Western Digital chucks some bucks at Kaminario 1
open Google Cloud boss promises 'security built into every layer of the system' at UK shindig 12
By cyberM
open Pentagon's JEDI mind tricks at odds with our 'values' says Google: Ad giant evaporates from $10bn cloud contract bid 54
By Teiwaz
open SUSE punts SES v5.5 out door, says storage is going software-defined and open source 11
open Oracle? On my server? I must have been hacked! *Penny drops* Oh sh- 103
By fix72
open Super Micro China super spy chip super scandal: US Homeland Security, UK spies back Amazon, Apple denials 90
open US Congresscritters discover Wi-Fi, updates on Oz's nbn broadband plan and much more 6
open Ex-Cisco chief John Chambers: Tech biz bods are 'too arrogant' 13
By Robigus
open Convenient switch hides an inconvenient truth 144
By Criggie
open Former General Electric boss explains how he got the internet wrong 10

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