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Protestors beg Google not to build censored Project Dragonfly search engine

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open That went well – not! Broadcom’s value dives after CA biz gobble 13
open FCC caught red-handed – again – over its $225 complaint billing plan 30
By Swarthy
open is ready to talk data safeguards with the EU – but still wants it all 65
open Do you really want your kids' future in the hands of Capita? Well, too bad 39
open UK taxman outlines its CHIEF concerns for customs IT systems 33
open agrees to narrow 'serious crime' definition for slurping comms data 25
open Brit privacy watchdog reports on political data harvests: We've read the lot so you don't have to 16
open BT's Patterson keeps his £1.3m wheelbarrow of bonus cash after all 28
By juice
open East Midlands network-sniffer wails: Openreach, fix my outage-ridden line 91
open Former wig-wearing Twitterphobe replaces Hancock as's Secretary of Fun 32
open CEST la vie, IR35 workers: HMRC sets out stall for ignoring Mutuality of Obligation 49
By cgc
open Nissan 'fesses up to fudging emissions data 63
open Trump's Supreme Court pick will decide critical tech issues for decades – so what are the views of the contenders? 12
By Schultz
open Absolutely... fabless: Marvell swallows a large dose of Cavium 7
By eldakka
open Tired sysadmin plugged cable into wrong port, unleashed a 'virus' 72
open Imagine a patent on organizing computer files being used against online shopping sites. Oh, it's still happening 67
open Give Samsung a hand: Chaebol pulls back Arm to strike Intel's chips 24
open 'Toxic' Whitehall power culture fingered for GDS's fall from grace 39
open Sysadmin cracked military PC’s security by reading the manual 214
By onefang
open ICANN't get no respect: Europe throws Whois privacy plan in the trash 72
open told: You're not very good at collecting quality data, are you? 7
open European Parliament balks at copyright law reform vote 47
open Distie bosses tuck 7-figure settlement into Cisco's top pocket 18
open Hurry up and make a deal on post-Brexit data flows, would you? Think of UK business – MPs 80
open Security guard cost bank millions by hitting emergency Off button 157
By SGWilko
open IBM wins five-year whole-of-government deal with Australia 45
open Xiaomi's Wang: We're coming to the USA 18
By Manu T
open IT projects that are failing: Verify. Border control. 4G for blue-light services. We can go on 57
open Apple is Mac-ing on enterprise: Plans strategic B2B alliance with HPE 46
By Mark 65
open Brit bank Lloyds carves out role for ex-Microsoft design guy Dan Makoski 9
open Euro privacy watchdog raises eyebrows at mulled EU copyright law 14
open Ex-Intel exec Diane Bryant exits Google cloud 8
open India tells WhatsApp to add filters, ASAP 20
open China wins one, loses one in US trade spats 4
open Centrelink scheduled maintenance at time clients needed it most 3
By onefang
open Call your MEP! Wikipedia blacks out for European YouTube vote 39
open British info watchdog slaps Midlands firm with £4,500 fine. Next time, register 7
open As far as the gender pay gap in Britain goes, IBM could do much worse 60
open DXC execs to investors: It's say-on-pay time. Give us a bump, would you? 12
open Dell is still a work in progress as it seeks to dominate all data 10
open Feds charge Man after FCC boss Ajit Pai's kids get death threat over net neutrality axe vote 52
open The strange tale of an energy biz that suddenly became a blockchain upstart – and $1.4m now forfeited in sold shares 19
open A £1.3m prize for a plunging share price at BT? Not so fast... 30
By Flicker
open Flipping 'ell, Dell! IT giant preps to go public again, files its homework 14
open Namecheap users rage at domain transfer pain, but their supplier Enom blames... er, GDPR? 20
open Sysadmin shut down server, it went ‘Clunk!’ but the app kept running 145
open ZTE remakes board as demanded by USA 6
open Ding dong! Dell about to go public again – report 8
open Google weeps as its home state of California passes its own GDPR 130
open Wasn't too hard, was it? UK has made 'significant progress' in spy control 13
By ardj

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