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Facebook's at it again: Internal emails show it knew about Cambridge Analytica abuse 'months' before news broke

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Look what the Softcat dragged in: Revenues grow 21% as UK reseller refuses to blink at Brexit

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open UK networks have 'no plans' to bring roaming fees back after Brexit 131
open tells companies to draft contracts for data flows just in case they screw up Brexit 34
open Top Euro court: UK's former snooping regime breached human rights 20
By Hans 1
open We're doomed: Defra's having a cow over its Brexit IT preparations 56
By ukgnome
open First it was hashtags – now Amber Rudd gives us Brits knowledge on national ID cards 118
open Article 13 pits Big Tech and bots against European creatives 57
open Guess who's still in charge of your gas safety, Brits? Capita 39
open MPs' proposal to cash in on public-private algos given a solid 'maybe' 21
open Expanding Right To Be Forgotten slippery slope to global censorship, warn free speech fans 66
open x86 marks the spot: Dell reports upswing, keeps mum on going public 6
open Activists rattle tin to take UK's pr0n block to court 71
open PPI pushers now need consent to cold-call you 104
By micheal
open People's confidence in orgs holding personal data is... on the rise? 13
open Capita onshores IBM transformer man as chief growth officer 7
By Greg_v
open Creaky systems 'cost lives': Health secretary Matt Hancock pledges to solve NHS IT woes 28
open World Cup TV sales offset dip in computing demand says Dixons Carphone 9
open Not so much changing their tune as enabling autotune: Facebook, Twitter bigwigs nod and smile to US senators 29
open NHS should be compensated by firms using its data goldmine 29
open European nations told to sort out 'digital tax' on tech giants by end of year 58
open Google skewered in ad sting after Oracle-backed bods turn troll 32
By flayman
open Hundred-million Kiwi Oracle project on hold after Deloitte review 23
open's Wayback Machine is legit legal evidence, US appeals court judges rule 61
open Google is 20, Chrome is 10, and Microsoft would rather ignore the Nokia deal's 5th birthday 91
By Fading
open Wipro can't believe its luck at sealing 10-year deal worth $1.6bn with Alight Solutions 10
open Computacenter goes Dutch, picks up Misco's Netherlands biz 3
open Trainer regrets giving straight answer to staffer's odd question 161
By Stevie
open Surprise: Sage Group head honcho has left the building 6
open Two years later and it still sucks: Privacy Shield progress panned 4
By big_D
open Golden State passes gold-standard net neutrality bill by 58-17 30
open US government upends critical spying case with new denial 18
open Micron to shove $3bn in Virginia fab to support manufacture of hardy chips for IoT-type stuff 1
open Vodafone, TPG propose 'merger of equals' 8
open Big Baboon ain't gibbon up: SAP, HP accused of aping software squirt's e-commerce patent 7
open Campaigners call for immigration exemption in UK's Data Protection Act to be scrapped 7
open FPGA-making Lattice Semiconductor names AMD man as CEO 2
open UK getting ready to go it alone on Galileo 344
open Facebook admits it was 'too slow' to ban Myanmar regime 16
By Moog42
open Salesforce boss Marc Benioff objects to US immigration policy so much, he makes millions from, er, US immigration 36
open As porn site pounds hard on piracy laws, Cox pulls out prematurely 37
open HP Inc strips off, rolls around as Windows 10 money pours down 12
By Aseries
open Surprise! VAT, customs likely to get a bit trickier in a Brexit no-deal world 150
open Incoming NBN boss inheriting regulation, service headaches 5
open Tax the tech giants and ISPs until the bits squeak – Corbyn 119
By Paul
open There is still gold to be had in the world of Microsoft resellers 2
open 'Surprise!' West Oz gummint is hopeless at information security 10
open Everything's great at Supermicro, just small matter of impending NASDAQ delisting 6
open Butcher by name, Butcher by nature? Capita finds new CFO 19
open Facebook brings banhammer down on over 650 pro-Iranian 'fake news' accounts 15
By Haefen
open MyHealth Record privacy legislation published 10
By Mark 65
open Bloke hurls sueball over Google's 'is it off yet?' location data slurping 69

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