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open Companies asking for social network passwords Conundrum1885 2
open Uncorrectable freedom and security issues on x86 platforms Walter Bishop 1
open What is the Most Underestimated IT Security Threat, and Why? Walter Bishop 2
open it's lawsuit time WolfFan 1
By WolfFan
open Microsoft & Linux & Patents & Tweets Walter Bishop 2
By jake
open New UK copyright amendment used by Big Furniture to stifle competition Dan 55 2
open 14 new trusted root certificates added to Windows in unannounced update Walter Bishop 2
open Microsoft finally disables Linux installs Walter Bishop 2
open UK Govt super filter, opt out and we'll be watching you. Mr Anonymous 1
open HMRC phishing takedown. TRT 1
open Anyone for a Book Discussion? Marc Goodman, Future Crimes Hargrove 3
By pibweb
open Gmail Blocked For "Insecure" Apps cd 1
By cd
open Sky / No Mans Sky David Webb 5
By ed_p
open Questions over how Ian Livingston's peerage was granted Vimes 7
open It's law to have your dog microchipped, but databases run themselves, right? cycas 2
open UC monitoring of campus network traffic sparks outrage among faculty Walter Bishop 2
open Should manufacturers supply spares Conundrum1885 3
By Seajay#
open So, where's the lionization of Kim Dot-Blob gone these days? OzBob 2
By NotBob
open Goldman Sachs to patent Bitcoin CommanderGalaxian 2
open Bank card fraud Neil Barnes 5
open So, NZ will start to charge GST (our VAT) on digital purchases OzBob 1
By OzBob
open Add your tech anomaly here Conundrum1885 9
open Peeple - 'A suicide waiting to happen' Vimes 2
open Amazon is spamming customers... Vimes 9
open AVG Censorship CommanderGalaxian 1
open UK Outlaws CD Ripping Again ContentsMayVary 2
By Dan 55
open We can't tell you how many PCs run XP because 'national security' Vimes 2
open Why Should I Stop Pirating Videos in Australia? Sanctimonious Prick 1
open Am I better off not hiding Simon Rockman 5
open Who should I report this to? Vimes 3
By Vimes
open 3UK apparently happy with Gemalto response Vimes 1
By Vimes
open UK Police Tracking People's Phone Calls Anonymous Coward 3
open Privacy campaigner: Why I hope Microsoft loses court case against the NSA Vimes 2
open As time goes by .. the true tale of an elderly FuzzyTheBear 2
By nipsy
open Spying andre 2 3
open First Direct 'Secure Keys' stu 4 6
By Paul 77
open So, stealing emails to publish a book is OK? OzBob 2
open escape America ? anatak 3
By anatak
open Wikipedia link to be hidden in Google under 'right to be forgotten' law Anonymous Coward 1
open I think we have a Barbara S moment. Alistair 1
open Firefox's unstoppable zombie Google cookie Fibbles 4
By Fibbles
open Any details on entering Administration? WylieCoyoteUK 2
By Drewc
open Help. Mailing blacklists... Anonymous Coward 51
open Fluke trademarks the color yellow Gene Cash 1
open Microsoft pushe OOXML to UK government agencies .. pacman7de 1
open Google search in IE address bar gone mad? Bronek Kozicki 1
open Comments Locked on El Reg - Why? Kane 3
By Kane
open Police spying on own Oversight Commission pacman7de 1
open BTYahoo email accounts being hacked BTCustomer 6
By Drewc
open Petition Against UK Communications Censorship Vimes 5



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