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open Ready, get Sets... no? App-grouping whizzery for Windows 10 killed 37
By big_D
open Microsoft releases new containerised cut of Windows Server 7
open MongoDB turns on, tunes in, drops ACID and goes mobile 16
By Adam 1
open Relive your misspent, 8-bit youth on the BBC's reopened Micro archive 121
open Microsoft has another crack at fixing Chrome problems in Windows 10 24
open Firefox hooks up with HaveIBeenPwned for account pwnage probe 30
open A slick phone Linux for your pocket PDA? Ooh, don't mind if I do, sir 19
open Playing nice with a host of tech-pushers pushed OpenStack close to edge 1
By Starace
open Chrome sends old Macs on permanent Safari: Browser bricks itself 67
open The Splunk that got sunk: Log-lover ends support for mobile apps 10
By hmv
open Happy birthday, you lumbering MS-DOS-based mess: Windows 98 turns 20 today 133
open SUSE Linux Enterprise turns 15: Look, Ma! A common code base 52
open It's getting more and more Azure'd: For Microsoft, sorry seems to be the hardest word 13
open Ubuntu reports 67% of users opt in to on-by-default PC specs slurp 51
open Linus Torvalds tells kernel devs to fix their regressive fixing 18
open Software engineer fired, shut out of office for three weeks by machine 58
open Smyte users not smitten with Twitter: APIs killed minutes after biz gobble 21
By Tom 38
open Oracle's new Java SE subs: Code and support for $25/processor/month 55
By tthtlc
open Test Systems Better, IBM tells UK IT meltdown bank TSB 70
open Microsoft open-sources UI Recorder tool for Windows 10 developers 18
open Mate, have a Flutter on the Darts: Google's mobe app toolkit for Fuchsia, others emerges 7
By deive
open Teradata lobs sueball at SAP, alleges HANA based on its 'trade secrets' 14
open A pretty and helpful user interface? Nahhh. Is that really you, Samsung? 56
open Google-free Android kit tipped to sell buckets 58
open Now Microsoft ports Windows 10, Linux to homegrown CPU design 104
By -tim
open From here on, Red Hat's new GPLv2 software projects will have GPLv3 cure for license violators 15
open Apple hauled into US Supreme Court over, no, not ebooks, patents, staff wages, keyboards... but its App Store 41
open Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mark the life of Slack for Windows Phone 18
By mikale
open Audi chief exec arrested over Dieselgate car emissions scandal 48
open What's all the C Plus Fuss? Bjarne Stroustrup warns of dangerous future plans for his C++ 161
open Office 365 celebrates National Beer Day by popping out for a pint 51
open Meet the Frenchman masterminding a Google-free Android 211
open Microsoft says Windows 10 April update is fit for business rollout 104
By BobChip
open Microsoft loves Linux so much its R Open install script rm'd /bin/sh 88
open Microsoft tries cutting the Ribbon in Office UI upgrade 98
open Windows Server 2008 SP2 gets new support model 16
open Google plots death of inline installation for Chrome extensions 7
open Judge on Microsoft gender discrimination case finds 'flaw' in class grouping argument 30
open Which? calls for compensation for users hit by Windows 10 woes 125
open Devuan ships second stable cut of its systemd-free Linux 99
open Microsoft pulls the plug on Windows 7, 8.1 support forums 63
open Apple: No currency mining for you in our App Store thank you 14
open Open Source Security hit with bill for defamation claim 22
open Actual control of Windows 10 updates (with a catch)... and more from Microsoft 63
open Have to use SMB 1.0? Windows 10 April 2018 Update says NO 111
open Microsoft will ‘lose developers for a generation’ if it stuffs up GitHub, says future CEO 110
open Google freezes Android P: Get your shoes on, tire-kicking devs 14
open 1,300 customers of Brit bank TSB defrauded due to botched IT migration 90
By d3vy
open GNOMEs beat Microsoft: Git Virtual File System to get a new name 91
By PNGuinn
open SAP cofounder admits: Biz goofed on branding, confused customers, depressed staff 24
By Zemus

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