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open Windows 10 Linux Distribution Overload? We have just the thing 51
open I wish I could quit you, but cookies find a way: How to sidestep browser tracking protections 38
open GitHub goes off the Rails as Microsoft closes in 18
By Number6
open Distro inferno: Debian's still rocking at 25 43
open Rimini Street slapped with ban in Oracle copyright dispute 10
By cs9
open Using Microsoft's Hybrid MDM? Er, not for much longer 6
open Google shaves half a gig off Android Poundland Edition 74
open Google bod wants cookies to crumble and be remade into something more secure 47
By sabroni
open Visual Studio gains some go-faster stripes for Android emulation 29
open Linux 4.18 arrives fashionably late while Zorin OS shines up its Windows 36
By Mage
open Apple pulls iOS 12 beta 7 after less than 24 hrs 15
open Hello darkness my old friend, what happened last week in Redmond? 45
open Dropbox plans to drop encrypted Linux filesystems in November 67
open Google keeps tracking you even when you specifically tell it not to: Maps, Search won't take no for an answer 173
By WolfFan
open Windows is coming to Chromebooks… with Google’s blessing 73
open Database ballsup: NHS under pressure over fresh patient record error 19
open Oracle-botherer Rimini Street throws off credit shackles, plans 'aggressive' sales drive 2
open Julia 0.7 arrives but let's call it 1.0: Data science code language hits milestone on birthday 26
open For all the excitement, Pie may be Android's most minimal makeover yet – thankfully 51
open Researcher found Homebrew GitHub token hidden in plain sight 11
open Pleasant programming playground paves popular Python path 14
open Edge, Azure and Windows Phone receives a Telegram. Yup, it's the week at Microsoft 16
open Well, this makes scents: Kotlin code quality smells better than Java 30
open Amazon, ditch us? But they can't do without us – Oracle 80
open Apple takes an axe to its App Affiliate Program 22
By RudyF
open Peace pays dividend for OpenWRT as 'baseline' release lands on servers 9
open 2TB or not 2TB: Microsoft fiddles with OneDrive as competition offers twice the storage 43
open Microsoft: We've almost dug Your Phone out behind sofa. But will it make Insiders app-y? 23
open Linux kernel 4.18 delayed: Bug ate my rc7, says Linus Torvalds 26
open Riddle me this: TypeScript's latest data type is literally unknown 35
open Brit competition bods to probe Experian and ClearScore merger 5
open Span hits F#, LinkedIn gets mumbly, and UWP (yes, it's still clinging on) furnished with new toys 27
open Microsoft devises new way of making you feel old: Windows NT is 25 169
open Early experiment in mass email ends with mad dash across office to unplug mail gateway 158
By onefang
open Microsoft celebrates a bumper financial year ... by making stuff pricier 20
By hmas
open This is the contract you've been looking for: Pentagon releases JEDI bids 18
open Some of you really don't want Windows 10's April 2018 update on your rigs 135
open Another German state plans switch back from Linux to Windows 146
By Orv
open Yakety-yak app HipChat whacked in Slack chat chaps' tech snatch pact 9
open Oracle puts release of new freebie mini-database on ice to work out kinks 12
By K
open Windows 10 Insiders see double as new builds hit the deck – with promises to end Update Rage 77
open Oracle Database 18: Now in downloadable Linux flavour 30
open Enterprise Windows 10 users, Microsoft has some 'quality' patches coming your way 25
open ReactOS 0.4.9 release metes out stability and self-hosting, still looks like a '90s fever dream 85
open Quantum, Linux and Dynamics: That's the week at Microsoft, not a '70s prog rock band 21
open If Brussels wants Android forks, phone makers aren't helping 65
open Microsoft Visual Studio Code replumbed for better Python taming 36
By jaywin
open Microsoft still longs to be a 'lifestyle' brand, but the cupboard looks bare 102
open Why Google won't break a sweat about EU ruling 100
open Get rich with Firefox or *(int *)NULL = 0 trying: Automated bug-bounty hunter build touted 21

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