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open Microsoft makes a dip in the Azure Cosmos DB pool just a bit more tempting with another price drop 3
open How the mighty have fallen: Anglian Water knocks Google off perch as UK's best workplace 23
open It's the wobbly Microsoft service sweepstake! If you have 'Teams', you've won a lifetime Slack sub 34
open MongoDB's Atlas shrugs, with all NoSQL biz's customer growth resting on its shoulders 8
open Windows 10 or Cisco Advanced Malware Protection: Pick one 15
open Microsoft's .NET Core 3 is almost here, which means time to move on from .NET Framework 26
open Microsoft gets open-sourcey with Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation 1
open Microsoft polishes up Chromium as EdgeHTML peers into the abyss 170
open Microsoft: New icons, new drivers, AI! Everything is awesome! 40
By Ali 4
open STIBP, collaborate and listen: Linus floats Linux kernel that 'fixes' Intel CPUs' Spectre slowdown 48
open US Department of Defense to sling an estimated $3.17bn at Microsoft resellers 8
open Fresh releases of TypeScript and Visual Studio 2017 for Mac round out November 5
By Adam 1
open Why is my Windows 10 preview build ticking? Microsoft reminds users that previews have timebombs 27
open What now, Larry? AWS boss insists Amazon will have dumped Oracle database by end of 2019 21
open Question: How fast is the Windows 10 October 2018 Update rolling out? Answer: Not very 29
open Azure MFA falls over, Windows 10 struggles with Intel drivers, and Microsoft gives us... more Sticky Notes? 15
open Boeing 737 pilots battled confused safety system that plunged aircraft to their deaths – black box 181
By steward
open Euro consumer groups: We think Android tracking is illegal 83
By Dan 55
open If at first you don't succeed, you may well be Cisco: WebEx patch needs its own patch 2
By Mayday
open Microsoft readies the swatter as more bugs wriggle out of the Windows 10 woodwork 67
open China doesn't need to nick western tech when Google is giving it away 38
open That sphincter-flexing moment for devs when it's time to go live 18
open Groundhog Day comes early as Intel Display Drivers give Windows 10 the silent treatment 87
By SleepyD
open Word boffins back Rimini Street in Oracle row: 'Full' in 'full costs' is a 'delexicalised adjective' 13
open Sage CEO: £60m says we can convert more folk to Business Cloud 14
open Microsoft: You looking at me funny? Oh, you just want to sign in 35
open Windows 10 goes into the Light and Cortana MIA as Microsoft buys chatbot bods XOXCO 11
By N2
open OpenStack 2018: Mark Shuttleworth chats to The Reg about 10-year support plans, Linus Torvalds and Russian rockets 14
open Microsoft slips ads into Windows 10 Mail client – then U-turns so hard, it warps fabric of reality 120
By Terry 6
open Microsoft menaced with GDPR mega-fines in Europe for 'large scale and covert' gathering of people's info via Office 141
open Visual Studio 2017 15.9 is here! Fire up your Windows on Arm laptops. All four of you 13
By Zmodem
open If at first or second you don't succeed, you may be Microsoft: Hold off installing re-released Windows Oct Update 135
open Don't cross the Application Streams! Actually, maybe you can now in RHEL 8 beta 2
open Just one Corretto, give it to me... AWS brews its own blend of Java with free long-term support 17
open Microsoft lobs Windows 10, Server Oct 2018 update at world (minus file-nuking 'feature') after actually doing some testing 67
By Mark 65
open SAP can claim to change its culture, but can it convince customers? 13
By HmmmYes
open Michael Howard: Embrace of open source is destroying 'artificial definitions' of legacy vendors 26
open Just a little heads up: Google is still trying to convince everyone that web apps don't suck 86
By russsh
open Sudden Windows 10 licence downgrades to forced Xcode upgrades: The week at Microsoft 33
open Stay classy: Amazon's Jassy gets sassy with Larry 19
open Palliative care for Windows 10 Mobile like a Crimean field hospital, but with even less effort 68
open SAP slurps up Qualtrics for a cool $8bn, persuades firm not to IPO 4
open Junior dev decides to clear space for brewing boss, doesn't know what 'LDF' is, sooo... 92
open An Oracle botherer always pays its debts: Rimini Street reports $48.4m net losses 1
By Hans 1
open That amazing Microsoft software quality, part 97: Windows Phone update kills Outlook, Calendar 75
open Arm kit vendors snuggle up around the Windows 10 Autumnwatch bonfire awaiting supported OS 8
open Windows XP? Pfff! Parts of the Royal Navy are running Win ME 147
open Can your rival fix it as fast? turns out to be ten-million-dollar question for plucky support guy 107
open Docker invites elderly Windows Server apps to spend remaining days in supervised care 5
open Windows 10 Pro goes Home as Microsoft fires up downgrade server 183

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