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open Blundering London council emails unredacted version of notorious Gangs Matrix to 44 people. Data ends up on Snapchat 88
open No dice, comrade! Senate floats Russia-busting election law 39
open Chinese hackers poke the Bayer, but German giant says it withstood attack 13
open Capita bags £13.2m Police Scotland deal for crime-snooping tech 14
open Ethiopia sits on 737 Max report but says pilots followed Boeing drills 102
By tip pc
open You don't need a PhD to phish a Brit university: Nonprofit claims 100% hit rate is easy peasy 43
open Yup, it's the new tax year: If you smell a RAT, it's because crims are ramping up tax scams 12
open Here's to you: praises Reg-reading techies for keeping on top of cybersecurity 31
open Who needs foreign servers? Researchers say the USA is doing a fine job of harboring its own crimeware flingers 25
open It's time to reset the 'Days without a Facebook data loss' sign after 500 million records left exposed on AWS 35
open A patchy Apache a-patchin: HTTP server gets fix for worrying root access hole 10
open Teen TalkTalk hacker denies flogging stolen personal data for Bitcoin 12
open Just the small matter of the bill for scrapping Blighty's old nuclear submarines: It's £7.5bn 151
open Razer – perfectly happy to sell you a laptop for over $2,000, but when it comes to fixing security holes... tough sh*t 63
open Ex-Mozilla CTO: US border cops demanded I unlock my phone, laptop at SF airport – and I'm an American citizen 405
open Mystery of the Chinese woman who allegedly tried to sneak into Trump's Mar-a-Lago with a USB stick of malware 41
open Hackers don't just want to pwn networks, they literally want to OWN your network – and no one knows they're there 17
open The curious case of a WordPress plugin, a rival site spammed with traffic, a war of words, and legal threats 32
By ds6
open How do you sing 'We're jamming and we hope you like jamming, too' in Russian? Kremlin's sat-nav spoofing revealed 95
open Don't be an April Fool: Update your Android mobes, gizmos to – hopefully – pick up critical security fixes 31
By ThatOne
open AI infosec biz Darktrace boasts near-doubled revenues as firm alumni battle HPE in civil case 8
open VMware emits security alerts, Planet Hollywood chain hacked, SWAT death caller gets 20 years in clink, and more 14
open Brit founder of Windows leaks website BuildFeed, infosec bod spared jail over Microsoft hack 23
By ds6
open Leaky Martin will be livin' la vida lockdown: Ex-NSA bod cops to taking home 'up to 50TB' of hush-hush dossiers 20
open Someone's spreading an MBR-trashing copy of the Christchurch killer's 'manifesto' – and we're OK with this, maybe? 97
By jake
open TP-Link 'smart' router proves to be anything but smart – just like its maker: Zero-day vuln dropped after silence 24
open Huawei savaged by Brit code review board over pisspoor dev practices 101
open Huawei's half-arsed router patching left kit open to botnets: Chinese giant was warned years ago – then bungled it 26
open Office Depot, OfficeMax, cough up $35m after charging folks millions in 'fake' malware cleanup fees 29
open Yeah, you better, you... you better tell us how you're misusing people's data, privacy, watchdog suggests to US telcos 7
By ma1010
open Asus: Yo dawg, we hear a million of you got pwned by a software update. So we got you an update for the update 24
open DXC Security exec: Yes, I'd have thought we'd spend more on certs and laptop kit for staff, too 72
By Cronos
open Huge news from Apple: No, not mags, games or TV – more than 50 security bugs to patch 27
open Spyware sneaks into 'million-ish' Asus PCs via poisoned software updates, says Kaspersky 93
open Geiger counters are so last summer. Lasers can detect radioactive material too, y'know 80
open Slack slings crypto-keys at big biz, union gets worked over, VPN owners probed, trolls trouble vets, and more 15
By VPNpro
open Uncle Sam's disaster agency FEMA creates disaster of its own: 2.3 million survivors' personal records spilled 17
open Security storm brewing for Oracle Java-powered smart cards: More than a dirty dozen flaws found, fixes... er, any fixes? 37
By baud
open Hey, what's Mandarin for 'WTF is going on?' Nokia phones caught spewing device IDs to China, software blunder blamed 16
open Don't have a heart attack but your implanted defibrillator can be hacked over the air (by someone who really wants you dead) 20
open 'Sharing of user data is routine, yet far from transparent' is not what you want to hear about medical apps. But 2019 is gonna 2019 16
open Let's spin Facebook's Wheel of Misfortune! Clack-clack-clack... clack... You've won '100s of millions of passwords stored in plaintext' 96
open Kaspersky Lab takes bite out of Apple in Russia over borked parental controls app 5
By Mike 16
open Brit Police Federation cops to ransomware attack on HQ systems 19
By Halfmad
open Windows Defender ATP is dead. Long live Microsoft Defender ATP 25
open Carolina coward fesses up: I was a tech support scambag, and I made millions out of defrauding the elderly 45
By Korev
open Renegade Android apps can siphon off your web logins, browser history. So make sure Chrome or OS is patched, friends 15
open Silence of the WANs: FBI DDoS-for-hire greaseball takedowns slash web flood attacks 'by 11%' 10
open Ransomware drops the Lillehammer on Norsk Hydro: Aluminium giant forced into manual mode after systems scrambled 53
By Keven E
open Sorry, Linux. We know you want to be popular, but cyber-crooks are all about Microsoft for now 54

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