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open Microsoft emits free remote-desktop security patches for WinXP to Server 2008 to avoid another WannaCry 46
By adam 40
open Buffer the Intel flayer: Chipzilla, Microsoft, Linux world, etc emit fixes for yet more data-leaking processor flaws 55
open It's 2019 and a WhatsApp call can hack a phone: Zero-day exploit infects mobes with spyware 164
open It's 2019 so now security vulnerabilities are branded using emojis: Meet Thrangrycat, a Cisco router secure boot flaw 38
open Go on, Skippy, spill yer guts: 10.5 million+ Australians' data was breached in past 3 months 23
open Baltimore hit with more ransomware, ChinaMobile gets the boot in the US, and another (mild) Systemd system-d'oh! 11
open Panic as panic alarms meant to keep granny and little Timmy safe prove a privacy fiasco 52
open Another remote-code execution hole in top database engine SQLite: How it works, and why not to totally freak out 24
By GnuTzu
open Symantec boss Greg Clark exits biz amid dismal financials 15
open Just in time for the Wiki-end: Chelsea Manning released from prison 58
open Who pwns the watchmen? Maybe Russians selling the source code for three US antivirus vendors 32
open Double-sided printing data ballsup leaves insurance giant Chubb with egg on its face 69
open Uncle Sam accuses Chinese pair of romping through Anthem's servers for almost a year 10
By JaitcH
open Air Force intel bod Daniel Hale charged with 'leaking top secret drone documents' to journo 10
By GnuTzu
open US minister invokes Maggie Thatcher, says she would have halted Huawei 5G rollout 117
By JoMe
open Eggheads confirm: Rampant Android bloatware a privacy and security hellscape 50
By ds6
open Key to success: Tenants finally get physical keys after suing landlords for fitting Bluetooth smart-lock to front door 68
By Raphael
open Orange is at it again, buys SecureLink for an eye-watering €515m including debts 1
open US foreign minister Mike Pompeo to give UK a bollocking over Huawei 5G plans 111
open Want rootkit-level access without the hassle? Enter, LightNeuron for Exchange Server 7
open Airbnb host thrown in the clink after guest finds hidden camera inside Wi-Fi router 172
open And in this week's weird news, Feds seize dark-web news site, accuse admins of getting rich off drug cyber-souk 9
open Remember those stolen 'NSA exploits' leaked online by the Shadow Brokers? The Chinese had them a year before 15
open Be wary of emails with links to ... er, Google Drive? Is that right? 28
By bpfh
open 'Software delivered to Boeing' now blamed for 737 Max warning fiasco 310
By baud
open NSA foreign spying, biotech snooping, Hamas hackers bombed, airline cams, and much more from infosec land 11
open Feds nab top exec on allegations he hacked a competitor, stole info… about school lunches?! 29
open White House issues Executive Order on cybersecurity, including hacker Hunger Games 43
open Mystery Git ransomware appears to blank commits, demands Bitcoin to rescue code 43
open UK taxman falls foul of GDPR, agrees to wipe 5 million voice recordings used to make biometric IDs 39
open Europol takes down Wall Street market: No, the other cesspool of dark international financial skullduggery 17
open A day in the life of London seen through spam and weak Wi-Fi 163
By Ozumo
open It's May 2. Know what that means? Yep, it's the PR orgy that is World Password Day... again 67
open 'I do not wish to surrender' Julian Assange tells court over US extradition bid 115
open We dunno what's worse: Hackers ransacked Citrix for FIVE months, or that Equifax was picked to help mop up the mess 28
By Griffo
open Sinister secret backdoor found in networking gear perfect for government espionage: The Chinese are – oh no, wait, it's Cisco again 151
open Crypto-chaps on scam rap in a flap over Slack chat tap, want court case zapped: 'Attorney-client priv info' in messages 5
open Hey, those warrantless smartphone searches at the US border? Unconstitutional, yeah? Civil-rights warriors ask court to settle this 95
By DavCrav
open May Day! PM sacks UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson for Huawei 5G green-light 'leak' 191
open Julian Assange jailed for 50 weeks over Ecuador embassy bail-jumping 242
By Cederic
open NordVPN rapped by ad watchdog over insecure public Wi-Fi claims 57
open If you're using Oracle's WebLogic Server, check for security fixes: Bug exploited in the wild to install ransomware 4
By Aodhhan
open Don't be Russian to judgement but... Bloke accused of $1.5m+ tax filing biz hack, fraud 16
open Extortionist hacks IT provider used by the stars of tech and big biz, leaks customer info after ransom goes unpaid 22
By Hans 1
open Oh dear. Secret Huawei enterprise router snoop 'backdoor' was Telnet service, sighs Vodafone 185
open Chinese dev jailed and fined for posting DJI's private keys on Github 22
By Aitor 1
open From Docker Hub hack to Facebook's burglar-friendly API to phone fingerprint bypasses... 5
By MiguelC
open America's anti-hacking laws are so loose, even Donald Trump Jr broke them. So, what do we do about it? 110
open Brit events and info biz Incisive Media admits open server port may have left readers deets exposed 8
open Powershell, the Gandcrab infection and the long-forgotten server 16

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