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open Download this update from Oh, sorry, that was malware on a hijacked sub-domain. Oops 27
open If Tesco was prodded and probed by hackers, your data could be being flogged for just £2.70 – research 8
open It has been 15 years, and we're still reporting homograph attacks – web domains that stealthily use non-Latin characters to appear legit 33
open UK data watchdog slaps a £500,000 fine on Cathay Pacific for 2018 9.4m customer data leak 14
open Fancy that: Hacking airliner systems doesn't make them magically fall out of the sky 96
open Let's Encrypt? Let's revoke 3 million HTTPS certificates on Wednesday, more like: Check code loop blunder strikes 79
By odyssey
open GCHQ's infosec arm has 3 simple tips to secure those insecure smart home gadgets 75
By Terry 6
open Have I Been S0ld? No, trusted security website HIBP off the table, will remain independent 12
open Maersk prepares to lay off the Maidenhead staffers who rescued it from NotPetya super-pwnage 181
open Wi-Fi kit spilling data with bad crypto – Huawei, eh? No, it's Cisco. US giant patches Krook spy-hole bug in network gear 3
open Delicious irony: Credit rating builder Loqbox lets customer details and card numbers slip after 'sophisticated attack' 20
open Southern Water not such a phisherman's phriend, hauls itself offline to tackle email lure 24
open Your phone wakes up. Its assistant starts reading out your text messages. To everyone around. You panic. How? Ultrasonic waves 62
open Cyber-wrath of Iran for top general's assassination hasn't progressed beyond snooping and nicking logins... yet 12
open Sophos was gearing up for a private life – then someone remembered the bike scheme 71
open If you're serious about browser privacy, you should probably pass on Edge or Yandex, claims Dublin professor 64
open Wi-Fi of more than a billion PCs, phones, gadgets can be snooped on. But you're using HTTPS, SSH, VPNs... right? 50
By phuzz
open After blowing $100m to snoop on Americans' phone call logs for four years, what did the NSA get? Just one lead 34
open Zyxel storage, firewall, VPN, security boxes have a give-anyone-on-the-internet-root hole: Patch right now 15
open Departing MI5 chief: Break chat app crypto for us, kthxbai 58
open Rotherwood Healthcare AWS bucket security fail left elderly patients' DNR choices freely readable online 32
open Mind the gap: Google patches holes in Chrome – exploit already out there for one of them after duo spot code fix 4
open Apple tries to have VirnetX VPN patent ruling overturned again, US Supremes say no... again 26
open Password killer FIDO2 comes bounding into Azure Active Directory hybrid environments 21
By ds6
open Microsoft uses its expertise in malware to help with fileless attack detection on Linux 35
open Samsung cops to data leak after unsolicited '1/1' Find my Mobile push notification 37
open Google rolls out Titan keys to Europe, Japan. Plus: Group Policy bug is a feature, not a flaw, says Microsoft 7
open Duped into running bogus virus scans at Office Depot? Dry your eyes with a small check from $35m settlement 26
open 'Don't tell anyone but I have a secret.' There, that's my security sorted 74
open Google exiles 600 apps from Play Store for 'disruptive advertising' amid push to clean up Android souk's image 9
open Apple drops a bomb on long-life HTTPS certificates: Safari to snub new security certs valid for more than 13 months 134
By Orv
open Stuffing nonsense: Persistent cyberpunks are pummelling banks' public APIs, warns Akamai 3
By GnuTzu
open We know what you did last summer: MGM's hotel spinoff lost 10.7m guest records and now they're on hacker forums 8
open GRU won't believe it: UK and US call out Russia for cyber-attacks on Georgia last year 7
open Keen to check for 'abnormal' user behaviours? Microsoft talks insider risk, AWS imports and compliance at infosec shindig RSA 3
open Samsung will be Putin dreaded Kremlin-approved shovelware on its phones, claims Russia 34
open Oi, Cisco! Who left the 'high privilege' login for Smart Software Manager just sitting out in the open? 9
open Assange lawyer: Trump offered WikiLeaker a pardon in exchange for denying Russia hacked Democrats' email 93
open When the air gap is the space between the ears: A natural gas plant let ransomware spread from office IT to ops 30
open Don't use for online banking, Natwest bank tells baffled customer 102
open What do a Lenovo touch pad, an HP camera and Dell Wi-Fi have in common? They'll swallow any old firmware, legit or saddled with malware 30
open $2.07bn? That's one Dell of a deal to offload infosec biz RSA 8
open Shipping is so insecure we could have driven off in an oil rig, says Pen Test Partners 135
open Tutanota cries 'censorship!' after secure email biz blocked – for real this time – in Russia 19
open Severe vuln in WordPress plugin Profile Builder would happily hand anyone the keys to your kingdom 19
By Orv
open It is with a heavy heart we must inform you, once again, folks are accidentally spilling thousands of sensitive pics, records onto the internet 20
By IceC0ld
open Roses are red, IBM is Big Blue. It's out of RSA Conference after coronavirus review: IBMers will not attend infosec event over 'health concerns' 16
open Google burns down more than 500 private-data-stealing, ad-defrauding Chrome extensions installed by 1.7m netizens 27
open Austrian foreign ministry: 'State actor' hack on government IT systems is over 7
open Call us immediately if your child uses Kali Linux, squawks West Mids Police 242


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