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open PuTTY in your hands: SSH client gets patched after RSA key exchange memory vuln spotted 75
By rmstock
open Bandersnatch to gander snatched: Black Mirror choices can be snooped on, thanks to privacy-leaking Netflix streams 28
open Bad cup of Java leaves nasty taste in IBM Watson's 'AI' mouth: Five security bugs to splat in analytics gear 4
open This headline is proudly brought to you by wired keyboards: Wireless Fujitsu model hacked 13
By robidy
open Lone staffer killed our shields, claims etailer Gearbest after infosec bods peep at user deets 6
open Karpeles walks, Google and Microsoft board up Windows hole, and Android AV still sucks 13
open UK code breakers drop Bombe, Enigma and Typex simulators onto the web for all to try 35
open Q&A: Crypto-guru Bruce Schneier on teaching tech to lawmakers, plus privacy failures – and a call to techies to act 61
open What was that P word? Ah. Privacy. Yes, we'll think about privacy, says FCC mulling cellphone location data overhaul 26
open Welcome. You're now in a timeline in which US presidential hopeful Beto was a member of a legendary hacker crew 127
open Public spending watchdog snipes at's £1.3bn infosec plan – but broadly nods it through 5
open Don't be a WordPress RCE-hole and patch up this XSS vuln, pronto 7
open Protip: If you'd rather cyber-scoundrels didn't know the contents of your comp, don't apply for a Pakistani passport 9
open Hackers cop a FILA thousands of UK card deets after slinking onto clothing brand's servers 10
open What do sexy selfies, search warrants, tax files have in common? They've all been found on resold USB sticks 78
By herman
open Thought you were done patching this week? Not if you're using an Intel-powered PC or server 14
open Just Android things: 150m phones, gadgets installed 'adware-ridden' mobe simulator games 20
By henryd
open Open-source 64-ish-bit serial number gen snafu sparks TLS security cert revoke runaround 42
open This is the Send, encrypted end-to-end, this is the Send, my Mozillan friend 46
open Microsoft changes DHCP to 'Dammit! Hacked! Compromised! Pwned!' Big bunch of security fixes land for Windows 28
open Yelp-for-MAGAs app maker is warned there are holes in its code. Does it A. Just fix the problem, or B. Threaten to call the FBI, too? 62
open Swiss electronic voting system like... wait for it, wait for it... Swiss cheese: Hole found amid public source code audit 50
By Rich 11
open ProtonMail back up in Russia after regime chokes access over 'terrorist activity' 11
open Raiding party! UK's ICO drops in unannounced on couple of dodgy-dialling dirtbag outfits 59
open The Handmaid's Tale or Man-made Fail? Exposed DB of 'BreedReady' women probably not as bad as it sounds 16
open NASA's crap infosec could be 'significant threat' to space ops 36
open Hapless engineers leave UK cable landing station gate open, couple of journos waltz right in 97
open Just a reminder: We're still bad at securing industrial controllers 15
open Freelance devs: Oh, you wanted the app to be secure? The job spec didn't mention that 95
open FBI warns of SIM-swap scams, IBM finds holes in visitor software, 13-year-old girl charged over JavaScript prank... 53
By ds6
open That marketing email database that exposed 809 million contact records? Maybe make that two-BILLION-plus? 31
open Iranian-backed hackers ransacked Citrix, swiped 6TB+ of emails, docs, secrets, claims cyber-biz 69
open Nah, National Cyber Security Centre doesn't need its own minister, tells Parliament 19
By Aodhhan
open No guns or lockpicks needed to nick modern cars if they're fitted with hackable 'smart' alarms 65
By dajames
open Buffer overflow flaw in British Airways in-flight entertainment systems will affect other airlines, but why try it in the air? 114
open What happens when security devices are insecure? Choose the nuclear option 101
open Guess who's addicted to GitHub, busy on Slack, stuck in 2015? No, not another hipster: It's the Slub backdoor malware 9
open Tech security at Equifax was so diabolical, senators want to pass US laws making its incompetence illegal 60
open IT guy at US govt fraud watchdog stole 16 computers from... US govt fraud watchdog 18
By x 7
open Put down the cat, coffee, beer pint, martini, whatever you're holding, and make sure you've updated Chrome (unless you enjoy being hacked) 60
By ds6
open UK's ICO event on targeted ads opens floor to the adtech industry: Anybody? No? Speak for 10 minutes. Hello? 14
open NX-OS-hit! Got Cisco Nexus and MDS 9000 switches? Then you've got patching to do, too 1
open TalkTalk kept my email account active for 8 years after I left – now it's spamming my mates 152
By Roland6
open Schneier: Don't expect Uncle Sam to guard your web privacy – it's Europe riding to the rescue 36
open UK Ministry of Justice: Surprise! We tested out biometric tech in prisons and 'visitors' with drugs up their bums ran away 69
open How to keep your flock of users secure: Let them know exactly who and where the wolves are 26
open Did you know?! Ghidra, the NSA's open-sourced decompiler toolkit, is ancient Norse for 'No backdoors, we swear!' 43
open Level up Mac security, and say game over to malware? System alerts plus Apple game engine equals antivirus package 13
open How to make people sit up and use 2-factor auth: Show 'em a vid reusing a toothbrush to scrub a toilet – then compare it to password reuse 63
open NSA may kill off mass phone spying program Snowden exposed, says Congressional staffer 17


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