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open Mozilla-endorsed security plug-in accused of tracking users 13
open India's Cosmos bank raided for $13m by hackers 5
open Support for ageing key exchange crypto leaves VPNs open to attack 1
By Wzrd1
open Bitcoin backer sues AT&T for $240m over stolen cryptocurrency 17
By xyz123
open Baddies of the internet: It's all about dodgy mobile apps, they're so hot right now 7
By ThatOne
open Foreshadow and Intel SGX software attestation: 'The whole trust model collapses' 24
open Criminals a bit less interested in nicking Brits' identities this year 14
open Florida Man laundered money for Reveton ransomware. Then Microsoft hired him 12
open Patch Tuesday heats up with pair of exploited zero-days squashed – plus 58 other vulns fixed 26
open Hackers manage – just – to turn Amazon Echoes into snooping devices 21
By PeeKay
open Oracle: Run, don't walk, to patch this critical Database takeover bug 11
By cbars
open Three more data-leaking security holes found in Intel chips as designers swap security for speed 47
open CVE? Nope. NVD? Nope. Serious must-patch type flaws skipping mainstream vuln lists – report 1
By Aodhhan
open May the May update be with you: OpenSSL key sniffed from radio signal 7
open Faxploit: Retro hacking of fax machines can spread malware 21
open Cisco patches IOS in response to boffins' IKE-busting breakthrough 1
By Mayday
open Intel finally emits Puma 1Gbps modem fixes – just as new ping-of-death bug emerges 6
open It's official: TLS 1.3 approved as standard while spies weep 24
open US voting systems: Full of holes, loaded with pop music, and 'hacked' by an 11-year-old 80
open Criminal justice software code could send you to jail and there’s nothing you can do about it 35
open Prank 'Give me a raise!' email nearly lands sysadmin with dismissal 93
By fwadman
open Former NSA top hacker names the filthy four of nation-state hacking 50
By streaky
open UK cyber cops: Infosec pros could help us divert teens from 'dark side' 32
open Snap code snatched, Pentagon bans bands, pacemakers cracked, etc 14
open The off-brand 'military-grade' x86 processors, in the library, with the root-granting 'backdoor' 35
open Hi-de-Hack! Redcoats red-faced as Butlin's holiday camp admits data breach hit 34,000 25
By Hans 1
open Congresscritters want answers on Tillerson's rm -rf /opt/gov/infosec 18
open Google Spectre whizz kicked out of Caesars, blocked from DEF CON over hack 'attack' tweet 101
open Hackers can cook you alive using 'microwave oven' sat-comms – claim 36
open Encryption doesn't stop him or her or you... from working out what Thing 1 is up to 28
By Dave559
open Spec-exec CPU bugs sweep hacking Oscars – and John McAfee’s in there like a bullet 2
open Can we talk about the little backdoors in data center servers, please? 15
By mutin
open Say what you will about self-driving cars – the security is looking 'OK' 26
open You can't always trust those mobile payment gadgets as far as you can throw them – bugs found by infosec duo 14
open Kaspersky VPN blabbed domain names of visited websites – and gave me a $0 reward, says chap 19
open Crims hacked accounts, got phones, resold them – and the Feds reckon they've nabbed 'em 8
open Oh, fore putt's sake: Golf org PGA bunkered up by ransomware attack just days before tournament 19
open Discover which dangers lurk ahead – at Sophos' 'See the Future' event 1
open How evil JavaScript helps attackers tag possible victims – and gives away their intent 21
open WhatsApp security snafu allows sneaky 'message manipulation' 30
open Should I infect this PC, wonders malware. Let me ask my neural net... 11
By Wzrd1
open Revealed: El Reg blew lid off Meltdown CPU bug before Intel told US govt – and how bitter tech rivals teamed up 46
By Roo
open If for some reason you're still using TKIP crypto on your Wi-Fi, ditch it – Linux, Android world bug collides with it 11
By Roland6
open Microsoft to hackers: Finding Hyper-V bugs is hard. Change my mind. PS: Here's a head start... 3
By phuzz
open Stress, bad workplace cultures are still driving security folk to drink 50
open Google Project Zero boss: Blockchain won’t solve your security woes – but partying just might 11
By Valheru
open Japanese dark-web drug dealers are so polite, they'll offer 'a refund' if you're not satisfied 19
open Profit-strapped Symantec pulls employee share scheme 32
open Hey, you know what a popular medical record system doesn't need? 23 security vulnerabilities 17
By deive
open Funnily enough, no, infosec bods aren't mad keen on W. Virginia's vote-by-phone-app plan 51



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