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open Decoding the Google Titan, Titan, and Titan M – that last one is the Pixel 3's security chip 15
open Tumblr turns stumblr, left humblr: Blogging biz blogs bloggers' private info to world+dog 7
open Someone's in hot water: Tea party super PAC group 'spilled 500,000+ voters' info' all over web 22
open LuminosityLink spyware mastermind gets 30 months in the clink, forfeits $725k in Bitcoin 17
By m0rt
open Last year, D-Link flubbed a router bug-fix, so it's back with total pwnage 9
open Party like it's 1989... SVGA code bug haunts VMware's house, lets guests flee to host OS 23
open Thought Patch Tuesday was a load? You gotta check out this Oracle mega-advisory, then 12
open Insult to injury: Malware menace soaks water-logged utility ravaged by Hurricane Florence 7
open Alphabet in the soup for keeping quiet about Google+ data leak bug 8
open UK's National Cyber Security Centre gives itself big ol' pat on the back in annual review 5
By Tsurotu
open Web browsers sharpen knives for TLS 1.0, 1.1, tell protocols to dig their own graves for 2019 21
open Dating app for Trump loners commits YUGE blunder: It leaks more than the West Wing 28
open Hunt for Red Bugtober: US military's weapon systems riddled with security holes – auditors 18
By Aodhhan
open Penta-gone! Personal records of 30,000 US Dept of Defense workers swiped by miscreants 15
open Azure goes quiet, Huawei Canada ban urged, US Senators are after Google, and more 15
open It's the real Heart Bleed: Medtronic locks out vulnerable pacemaker programmer kit 30
By JWLong
open Now this might be going out on a limb, but here's how a bug left '685 million' netizens open to website hacks 10
open Facebook mass hack last month was so totally overblown – only 30 million people affected 29
open It is 2018 and the NHS is still counting the cost of WannaCry. Carry the 2, + aftermath... um... £92m 42
open WebSphere and loathing in New York: IBM yanks buggy application server security fix from admins 7
open Bloke gets six months for fixing up Russia's US election trolls with bank accounts, fake identities 21
open teams up with Five Eyes chums to emit spotters' guide for miscreants' hack tools 12
open In the two years since Dyn went dark, what have we learned? Not much, it appears 26
open Mozilla grants distrusted Symantec certs a stay of execution, claims many sites yet to make switch 27
open The Obama-era cyber détente with China was nice, wasn't it? Yeah well it's obviously over now 46
open Now, watch this... Network time protocol bugs sting Juniper operating system 4
open If you haven't already patched your MikroTik router for vulns, then if you could go do that, that would be greeeeaat 17
open Oh no, Xi didn't! Chinese spymaster cuffed in Belgium, yoinked to US on aerospace snoop rap 39
open PINs and needled: Experian site blabbed codes to unlock credit accounts for fraudsters 20
open Who needs custom malware? 'Govt-backed' Gallmaker spy crew uses off-the-shelf wares 6
By pig
open China's clampdown on Tor pushes its hackers into foreign backyards 4
open Workplace services-flinger Sodexo pulls Engage website after division hit by malware smackdown 9
open Google and Microsoft boffins playing nicely together to stop replay attacks in their tracks 8
open World's largest CCTV maker leaves at least 9 million cameras open to public viewing 45
By G2
open Rap for WhatsApp chat app chaps in phone-to-pwn security nap flap 3
open It's October 2018, and Microsoft Exchange can be pwned by a plucky eight-year-old... bug 12
By GnuTzu
open Payment-card-skimming Magecart strikes again: Zero out of five for infecting e-retail sites 8
open Chinese Super Micro 'spy chip' story gets even more strange as everyone doubles down 131
open It's a cert: Hundreds of big sites still unprepared for starring role in that Chrome 70's show 25
By a_a
open Don't make us pay compensation for employee data breach, Morrisons begs UK court 71
By Roland6
open Google now minus Google Plus: Social mini-network faces axe in data leak bug drama 115
open Remember that lost memory stick from Heathrow Airport? The terrorist's wet dream? So does the ICO 57
open Which? That smart home camera? The one with the vulns? Really? 44
open Intel's commitment to making its stuff secure is called into question 44
open SAP bug beatdowns, Apple gets nasty with Mac repairs, Struts woe, and more from infosec 19
By jaffa99
open What could be more embarrassing for a Russian spy: Their info splashed online – or that they drive a Lada? 78
open Chinese tech titans' share prices slump after THAT Super Micro story 27
open Man the harpoons: The KRACK-en reawakens in updated WPA2 attack 12
open The weekend starts here... right after you've installed these critical Cisco bug patches 3
open The fur is not gonna fly: Uncle Sam charges seven Russians with Fancy Bear hack sprees 39
By GnuTzu



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