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open What's up with that ZX Spectrum reboot? Still no console 53
open Huawei Honor 10: At £399, plenty of bang for buck – it's a pity about the snaps 41
By jmarked
open Intel’s first 10nm CPU is a twin-core i3 destined for a mid-range Lenovo 36
open Super Cali goes ballistic: mugshot site atrocious 28
By Danny 2
open Microsoft returns to Valley of Death? Cheap Surface threatens the hardware show 83
open OnePlus smartmobe brand modelled on 'a religion', founder admits 25
open Off with e's head: E-cig explosion causes first vaping death 122
open Samsung ready to fling Exynos at anyone who wants a phone chip 14
By Paul
open Surface Hub 2: Microsoft's pricey whiteboard gets a sequel 43
By Nimby
open Honor bound: Can Huawei's self-cannibalisation save the phone biz? 33
open You've been Zucked: Facebook boss refuses to face-off with Brit MPs 56
open And THIS is how you do it, Apple: Huawei shames Cupertino with under-glass sensor 81
open IP freely? What a wind-up! If only Trevor Baylis had patent protections inventors enjoy today 41
By Pat Att
open FTC names its dirty half-dozen half-assed tech warranty bandits 24
By JohnFen
open Cheap-ish. Not Intel. Nice graphics. Pick, er, 3: AMD touts Ryzen Pro processors for business 23
open Apple MacBook butterfly keyboards 'defective', 'prone to fail' – lawsuit 87
open US prison telco accused of selling your phone's location to the cops 36
By ecofeco
open 'Alexa, find me a good patent lawyer' – Amazon sued for allegedly lifting tech of home assistant 39
By ecofeco
open Make masses carry their mobes, suggests wig in not-at-all-creepy speech 132
By onefang
open Sueballs flying over Facebook's Android app data slurping 37
open US Congress finally emits all 3,000 Russian 'troll' Facebook ads. Let's take a look at some 114
open Fitness band-it Garmin adds mobe bank Starling to bonk-to-pay fold 7
By peterm3
open Zero Tech Emitted: ZTE halts assembly lines after US govt sanctions cripple mobile maker 20
open Can't wait for Linux apps on Chrome OS? And you like stability? We'll see you in December, then 32
By NewZed
open And lo, Qualcomm hath declared that a new chip for wearables is coming 3
By Dabooka
open Peak smartphone? Phone fatigue hits Western Europe hard 52
By DiViDeD
open Making calls? Ha, not what most peeps use phone for – Ofcom 10
By DiViDeD
open Commodore 64 owners rejoice: The 1541 is BACK 60
open Congress vs Facebook: Great soap opera TV, but don't expect big results 20
open LESTER looks up, spins its wheels: The Register’s beer-butler can see ... 40
By Nimby
open AI crisis: Sony reports shortage of cute robot puppies! 19
open Nvidia quickly kills its AMD-screwing GeForce 'partner program' amid monopoly probe threat 39
open Google Pay heads for the desktop... and, we fear, an inevitable flop 80
By JohnFen
open MacBook Pro petition begs Apple for total recall of krap keyboards 98
open Huawei P20: Snappish snaps, but for £200 less than Pro, it’s Notch bad 30
open Drone 'swarm' buzzed off FBI surveillance bods, says tech bloke 50
open Sir Clive Sinclair dragged into ZX Spectrum reboot battle 69
open Former Volkswagen CEO indicted over emission cheating conspiracy 25
open Apple somehow plucks iPad sales out from 13-quarter death spiral 26
By DiViDeD
open LG's flagship arrives with <checks script> ... G7 what now? 25
open Exclusive to all press: Atari launches world's best ever games console 81
By SA8801
open The spies that knew too much about Facebook's advertising network 7
open Ex-Netflix veep allegedly banked payola for tech deals with web TV giant 4
By Hans 1
open Well, that went well: Withings founder buys biz back from Nokia 14
By tip pc
open Apple and The Notched One: It can't hide the X-sized iPhone let-down 47
open DIY device tinkerer iFixit weighs in on 15-month jail term for PC recycler 91
By d3vy
open Apple's latest financials are still pretty decent even though iPhone sales are slowing 21
open UK Parliament roars: Oi! Zuck! Get in here for a grilling – or you'll get a Tower of London tour 76
By Mark 65
open What could Facebook possibly do next to reassure privacy fears? Yup – make a dating app 58
By onefang
open Supercycle to su-'meh'-cycle: Apple iPhone warehouses heave with unsold Notches 31

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