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open Google leaps on the platform formerly known as Firefox with $22m splurge for KaiOS 36
open Koh YEAH! Apple, Samsung finally settle iPhone patent crusade 16
open Facebook, Google, Microsoft scolded for tricking people into spilling their private info 41
By Orv
open BlackBerry KEY2: Remember buttons? Boy, does this phone sure have them 55
By JulieM
open USB-C for Surface owners arrives in form of a massive dongle 61
open The suits helped biz PC makers feed their kids in bumper Q2 10
open Amazon, eBay and pals agree to Europe's other GDPR: Generally Dangerous Products Removed from websites 73
By eionmac
open HTC U12+: You said we should wait and review the retail product. Hate to break it to you, but... 63
open Qualcomm still serious about Windows 10 on Arm: Engineers work on '12W' Snapdragon 1000 38
open At last! Apple admits its MacBook Pro butterfly keyboards utterly suck, offers free replacements 90
open Buttonless and port-free: Expect the next iPhone to be as smooth as a baby's bum 96
open Nintendo Labo: After a day spent fiddling with flaps, you may be ready to, er, Lego 18
open How a tax form kludge gifted the world 25 joyous years of PDF 169
By Roland6
open Atari accuses El Reg of professional trolling and making stuff up. Welp, here's the interview tape for you to decide... 166
open AT&T sends in startup shill to shake up Cali's net neutrality safeguards 12
open Verizon promises to stop selling its subscribers' location data... for now 14
By dbtx
open Apple takes $9m kick down under after bricking iPhones 48
open Ailing ZX Spectrum reboot firm kicks crisis meeting into long grass 47
open Google says Pixel 2's narcoleptic display is being fixed in June update 36
open Jawbone bods allegedly jogged off to Fitbit with secret gadget blueprints 1
By ecofeco
open Indiegogo lawyer asks ZX Spectrum reboot firm: Where's the cash? 60
open This HTC U12+ review page is left intentionally blank 45
open Budget Surface 'spotted' in Microsoft's crystal ball 18
open Turns out China loves VR. Wires and powerful hardware, less so. 8
open Facebook tells users to report crappy customer service from advertisers 19
open Tesla undecimates its workforce but Elon insists everything's absolutely fine 144
open Every bloody gadget in the house is ringing. Thanks, EE 46
By Twanky
open Xiaomi the money? OK, here's a one beeeeellion dollar loss ahead of IPO 17
open Yahoo! Kills! The! Messenger! 41
open Motorola extends modular phone adventure for another year 25
open Chinese tech giant ZTE is back in business – plus or minus $1.4bn and its entire board 26
open The hits keep coming for Facebook: Web giant made 14m people's private posts public 65
open Apple hit with another faulty hardware lawsuit – this time it's the Watch 13
open BlackBerry Key2: Clickier, nippier, but how many people still want a QWERTY? 40
open watchOS 5 hints at new Apple wearables and life beyond the Watch 22
By PhilipN
open Monday: Intel touts 28-core desktop CPU. Tuesday: AMD turns Threadripper up to 32 102
open Hey, Mac fanbois: Got $600,000 burning a hole in your pocket? Splash out on this rare Apple I 38
By Stevie
open Hear that? Of course it's Indiegogo's deadline for a Vega+ whooshing by 53
open Amazon scam trio primed for prison stretch after million-dollar fraud 13
open Finally, San Francisco cleans up the crap from its streets – yes, all those fscking scooters 56
By jake
open Five actually useful real-world things that came out at Apple's WWDC 64
open Dual-screen laptops debut at Asus' Computex chat 57
open Intel claims it’s halved laptop display power slurpage 31
open FYI: Qualcomm hasn't given up on Arm-based Windows 10 slabtops 18
open Facebook insists device data door differs from dodgy dev data deal 22
open Close, but no Tigar! Appeals court slaps judge, drags Apple back into touchscreen spat 6
By DougS
open You know what your problem is, Apple? Complacency 59
By alpine
open Facebook's Trending news box follows fired freelancers out the door 16
open Visa Europe fscks up Friday night with other GDPR: 'God Dammit, Payment Refused' 140
open Indiegogo grants ZX Spectrum reboot firm another two weeks to send a console 36
By Mozzie

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