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open Just how rigged is America's broadband world? A deep dive into one US city reveals all 76
open Apple leaks rekindle some hope for iPhone 'supercycle' this year 43
By DougS
open Unpicking the Pixel puzzle: Why Google is struggling to impress 70
By JBokilo
open Texas ISP slams music biz for trying to turn it into a 'copyright cop' 62
open Big Tech turns saboteur to cripple new California privacy law in private 39
By Number6
open Miss America 'scholarship program' adds Microsoft Azure developer to lineup 16
By onefang
open Apple web design violates law, claims blind person 65
open Prenda lawyer pleads guilty to moneyshot honeypot scheme 36
By Terry 6
open Now you can tell someone to literally go f--k themselves over the internet: Remote-control mock-cock patent dies 62
open Google responds to location-stalking outcry by… tweaking words on its BS support page 44
By JaitcH
open ZX Spectrum reboot scandal biz gets £35k legal costs delayed 39
open Go Zuck Yourself: Facebook destroys patent suit over timeline 26
By dajames
open Arm debuts CPU roadmap for the first time, sort of 14
open EU wants one phone plug to rule them all. But we've got a better idea. 275
By Dave 15
open If you drop a tablet in a forest of smartphones, will anyone hear it fall? 55
open CADs and boffins get some ThinkPad love 24
open Samsung Galaxy Watch: A tough and classy activity tracker 40
By TheProf
open Samsung Galaxy Note 9: A steep price to pay 98
open Why is my cheapo Android red hot and switching off Wi-Fi? 29
open You won't believe this but... everyone hates their cable company: Bombshell study lands 52
open The last phablet? 6.4in Samsung Galaxy Note 9 leaves you $1k lighter, needs 'water cooling' 67
open Android ain't done until Samsung won't run? 9.0 Pie borks Gear watch app 15
By bd1235
open Time to party like it's 2005! Palm is coming BAAAA-ACK 63
open ZX Spectrum Vega+ blows a FUSE: It runs open-source emulator 217
open Surprise, surprise. Here comes Big Cable to slay another rule that helps small ISPs compete 40
open It's a phone with a peel, but you'll have to wait a bit more for retro Nokia 44
By Choux
open Facebook insists it has 'no plans' to exploit your personal banking info for ads – just as we have 'no plans' to trust it 57
open Sur-Pies! Google shocks world with sudden Android 9 Pixel push 103
open Motorola strap-on packs a 2,000mAh battery to appease the 5G gods 17
open ZX Spectrum reboot latest: Some Vega+s arrive, Sky pulls plug, Clive drops ball 127
open Microsoft's cheapo Surface: Like a netbook you can't upgrade 62
open Game over for Google: Fortnite snubs Play Store, keeps its 30%, sparks security fears 108
By Def
open Probe Brit police phone-peeking plans, privacy peeps plead 30
open Grad sends warning to manager: Be nice to our kit and it'll be nice to you 165
By filcee
open Apple laughing all the way to the bank – with profits of $5.3m per hour 34
open Qualcomm demands blueprints to Intel chips used in Apple iPhones 10
open Facebook deletes 17 accounts, dusts off hands, beams: We've saved the 2018 elections 59
open US trade ban hammers Chinese telco giant ZTE to the tune of $790m 2
open Make Facebook, Twitter, Google et al liable for daft garbage netizens post online – US Senator 39
open Trump 'not normal' FCC commish reveals amid Sinclair-Tribune mega-media-merger meltdown 42
open Mamma Mia! UK film fans forced to Q as Vue's website craps itself 36
open You want to know which is the best smartphone this season? Tbh, it's tricky to tell 'em apart 140
open Nah, it won't install: The return of the ad-blocker-blocker 262
By usbac
open BBC websites down tools and head outside into the sun for a while 66
open Prof claims Lyft did a hit-and-run on his ride-sharing tech patent 30
open You can take off the shades, squinting users. It has gone dark. Very dark 81
By aqk
open From toothbrushes to coffee makers to computers: Europe fines Asus, Pioneer, Philips for rigging prices of kit 50
open Core blimey! Apple macOS update lifts boot from MacBook Pro neck 36
open Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter make it easier to download your info and upload to, er, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter etc... 18
By JohnFen
open As Corning unveils its latest Gorilla Glass, we ask: What happened to sapphire mobe screens? 66
By cray74

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