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open Google Pay heads for the desktop... and, we fear, an inevitable flop 80
By JohnFen
open MacBook Pro petition begs Apple for total recall of krap keyboards 98
open Huawei P20: Snappish snaps, but for £200 less than Pro, it’s Notch bad 30
open Drone 'swarm' buzzed off FBI surveillance bods, says tech bloke 50
open Sir Clive Sinclair dragged into ZX Spectrum reboot battle 69
open Former Volkswagen CEO indicted over emission cheating conspiracy 25
open Apple somehow plucks iPad sales out from 13-quarter death spiral 26
By DiViDeD
open LG's flagship arrives with <checks script> ... G7 what now? 25
open Exclusive to all press: Atari launches world's best ever games console 81
By SA8801
open The spies that knew too much about Facebook's advertising network 7
open Ex-Netflix veep allegedly banked payola for tech deals with web TV giant 4
By Hans 1
open Well, that went well: Withings founder buys biz back from Nokia 14
By tip pc
open Apple and The Notched One: It can't hide the X-sized iPhone let-down 47
open DIY device tinkerer iFixit weighs in on 15-month jail term for PC recycler 91
By d3vy
open Apple's latest financials are still pretty decent even though iPhone sales are slowing 21
open UK Parliament roars: Oi! Zuck! Get in here for a grilling – or you'll get a Tower of London tour 76
By Mark 65
open What could Facebook possibly do next to reassure privacy fears? Yup – make a dating app 58
By onefang
open Supercycle to su-'meh'-cycle: Apple iPhone warehouses heave with unsold Notches 31
open Facebook confesses: Buckle up, there's plenty more privacy lapses where that came from 44
open Apple grounds AirPort once and for all. It has departed. Not gonna fly any more. The baggage is dropped off... 58
By Stork
open Paperback writer? Microsoft slaps patents on book-style gadgetry with flexible display 34
By Roland6
open We wanted a camera, they gave us the eye of Gemini – and an eSIM 41
By Paul
open ZX Spectrum reboot firm's shareholders demand current directors go 44
By SeanR
open 'Alexa, listen in on my every word and send it all to a shady developer' 25
open RIP: Sinclair ZX Spectrum designer Rick Dickinson reaches STOP 41
open Apple's QWERTY gets dirty leaving fanbois shirty 66
open Google Pixel 2 XL: Like paying Apple-tier prices then saying, hey, please help yourself to my data 141
By Orv
open AMD CEO Su: We like GPU crypto-miners but gamers are first priority 30
open Oh dear... Netizens think 'private' browsing really means totally private 94
open Happy having Amazon tiptoe into your house? Why not the car, then? In-trunk delivery – what could go wrong? 52
By J__M__M
open Audiophiles have really taken to the warm digital tone of streaming music 95
open X marks the Notch, where smartmobe supercycles go to die 90
By JohnFen
open Reg writer Richard went to the cupboard, seeking a Windows Phone... 72
By SeanR
open Revenge pornography ban tramples free speech, law tossed out – where else but Texas! 65
open Translating Facebook's latest 'Hard Questions' PR spin – The Reg edit 44
open Yay, you've won your Fitbit lawsuit, folks. But, lawyers, about those filet mignon expenses... 38
By Frm
open Amazon, LG Electronics turned my vape into an exploding bomb, says burned bloke in lawsuit 102
open Two's company, Three's unbowed: You Brits will pay more for MMS snaps 58
By lybad
open LESTER gets ready to trundle: The Register's beer-bot has a name 53
open Motorola Z2 Force: This one's for the butterfingered Android lovers 63
By onefang
open Huawei promises to launch a 5G smartmobe in second half of 2019 5
open Europe turns nose up at new smartphones: Beancounters predict 7% sales drop 46
By peterm3
open Google accidentally reveals new swipe-happy Android UI 52
open The law of run Nintendo consequences: Sega brings out mini Mega Drive / Genesis 39
open New Galaxy un-smartphone can’t go online because Samsung's thought of the children 34
open Samsung Galaxy S9: Still the Lord of All Droids 64
open Boffins find new ways to slurp private info from Facebook addicts using precision-targeted ads 36
open HTC Vive Pro virtually stripped. OK, we mean actually stripped. (It’s a VR headset, geddit?) 21
By PaulR79
open PCs were more and less expensive in Q1 as shipments stalled 15
By niio
open The true victims of Brexit are poor RuneScape players 64


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