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open Moneybags VCs look to the stars – and spaff a billion on space tech 3
By defiler
open What's in a spectrum allocation? Aero bods talk drone radio links 4
open How do you get drones talking to air traffic controllers? Pretty easily, says Brit startup 15
open Get ready for the Internet of Battle Things, warns US Army AI boffin 25
By Cuddles
open Descent of the Machines: Aussie firm boasts of underwater drone swarms 13
By Milton
open Googlers revolt over AI military tech contract, brainiacs boycott killer robots, and more 35
open US watchdog reckons blockchain bods Longfin were wrongfin, maybe this is their swansongfin 7
open AI can't help without your data, says Gartner, so share, share, share! 24
open Microsoft's five-billion-buck IoT R&D plan is just business as usual 7
open OpenAI challenges you to beat 1990s classic Sonic the Hedgehog using machine learning 7
open Holy helmets, Batman! Bane-like mask lets you 'talk' to computers without making a sound 32
open Shhh! Don’t tell KillBots the UN’s about to debate which ones to ban 40
open Is there alien life out there? Let's turn to AI, problem solver du jour 20
open AWS baits cloud hooks with DeepLens machine learning camera 3
By Flakk
open We're not regulating driverless vehicles until others do 47
open How machine-learning code turns a mirror on its sexist, racist masters 54
open Mozilla rejects your reality and substitutes its own … browser for VR and AR goggles 16
open Floyd Mayweather-endorsed cryptocoin startup knocked out by fraud allegations 18
open Doomed Chinese space lab Tiangong-1 crashes into watery Pacific grave 36
open Watchdog growls at Tesla for spilling death crash details: 'Autopilot on, hands off wheel' 112
open Here is your low down on TensorFlow updates, France's AI strategy, and a new DeepMind lab 2
By JJ780
open Magic Leap ships headsets at last, but you'll need a safe 47
open Autonomous vehicle claims are just a load of hot air… and here's why 159
open Machine learning library TensorFlow can count to potato... I mean, 1.7 5
open Storm brewing? Weather buff uses deep learning to predict patterns 10
open Uber self-driving car death riddle: Was LIDAR blind spot to blame? 137
By Mark 65
open Try our new driverless car software says Nvidia, as it suspends driverless car trials 8
open Tesla crash investigation causes dip in 'leccycar firm's share price 58
open Gone in 60.121 seconds: Your guide to the pricey new gear Nvidia teased at its annual GPU fest 15
open Fatal driverless crash: Radar-maker says Uber disabled safety systems 88
open Here's £8.8m to plough into hydrogen-powered car tech 92
By Paul
open Students: Duh, of course we're blowing our loan bucks on crypto coins 22
open Slap visibility beacons on bikes so they can chat to auto autos, says trade body 183
open Uber's disturbing fatal self-driving car crash, a new common sense challenge for AI, and Facebook's evil algorithms 136
open Corking story: Idiotic smart wine bottle idea falls over, passes out 88
open DeepMind boffins brain-damage AI to find out what makes it tick 18
open Go park yourself: Brit firm flashes self-parking car tech 30
By dave 76
open AI software that can reproduce like a living thing? Yup, boffins have only gone and done it 37
open Fog off! No more misty eyes for self-driving cars, declare MIT boffins 38
open Magic Leap bounds into SF's Games Developer Conference and... disappears 27
open Facebook opens up Big Basin Volta plans to share the server wealth 2
By E 2
open IBM claims its machine learning library is 46x faster than TensorFlow 16
By sumitg
open 2 + 2 = 4, er, 4.1, no, 4.3... Nvidia's Titan V GPUs spit out 'wrong answers' in scientific simulations 108
By kouja
open HPE burns offering to Apollo 6500, unleashes cranked deep learning server on world+dog 7
open No, Sierra Leone did not just run the world's first 'blockchain election' 20
open UK's London Gatwick Airport boasts of driverless vehicle trial 39
open British Level 4 driverless pods are whizzing along ... er, a London path 65
By BoldMan
open Trump blocks use of Venezuelan Petro cryptocoins in the US 14
open Bitcoin's blockchain: Potentially a hazardous waste dump of child abuse, malware, etc 53
By Mycho
open Uber breaks self-driving car record: First robo-ride to kill a pedestrian 302

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