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open So when can you get in the first self-driving car? GM says 2019. Mobileye says 2021. Waymo says 2018 – yes, this year 85
open expects auto auto software updates won't involve users 48
open Waymo robo-taxis to accept fares in Arizona in 2018 20
open Meet TPU 3.0: Google teases world with latest math coprocessor for AI 18
open Google's socially awkward geeks craft socially awkward AI bot that calls people for you 56
open UK's Royal Navy buys £13m mine-blasting robot boat 54
open Is your gadget using secondhand memory? Predictable senility allows boffins to spot recycled NAND chips 23
open Waymo van prang, self-driving cars still suck, AI research jobs, and more 83
open Congratulations, we all survived Star Wars day! Now for some security headaches 9
open Silicon can now reconfigure itself with just a jolt of electricity 23
open 45-day drone flights? You are like a little baby. How about a full YEAR? 34
By rg287
open Whoa, Gartner drops a truth bomb: Blockchain is overhyped and top IT bods don't want it 56
open Hot stuff: Facebook AI gurus tout new Pytorch 1.0 framework for all 2
open Intel's still-in-beta drone flight planning software gets update 2
By Jim Dow
open Reg man straps on Facebook's new VR goggles, feels sullied by the experience 70
open Doom and Super Mario could be a lot tougher now AI is building levels 44
open Graphene-wrangler Paragraf slurps a cool £2.9m 12
By JassMan
open Motorised robo-coolbox biz Starship makes lunchtime pitch to campus-dwellers 17
open AI boffins rebel against closed-access academic journal that wants to have its cake and eat it 31
By gizmo17
open Google founder Sergey Brin promises to protect humanity from AI 29
open Europe needs more dosh for AI, Google's TPU2 vs Nvidia's Tesla V100, and more 4
open Princeton research team hunting down IoT security blunders 10
open Yes, drone biz DJI's Go 4 app does phone home to China – sort of 7
By DagD
open Good news: AI could solve the pension crisis – by triggering a nuclear apocalypse by 2040 69
By mutin
open Astroboffins build AI to chase galactic blue nuggets in space 6
open Cash-sprinkler Softbank and Alphabet hand over $1.9bn to Manbang 16
By rskurat
open Your AI pet project is only as smart as its garbage training set 25
open How much do AI gurus really get paid? And is NIPS such a great name for a conference? 8
open Time to ditch the front door key? Nest's new wireless smart lock is surprisingly convenient 165
open Samsung-backed gizmo may soon juice up your smartphone over the air 32
open Beware! Medical AI systems are easy targets for fraud and error 17
open Machines learned to assemble IKEA’s semi-disposable furniture 75
By Chris G
open Facebook job ad hints at homebrew silicon plans 10
open OMG! OIG to audit SLS: NASA probed over big rocket project's big budgets, big delays 20
open Elon Musk's latest Tesla Model 3 delivery promise: 6,000... a week 61
open Gang way! Compsci geeks coming through! AI engine can finger fakes on social networks 21
open Don’t fight automation software for control, just turn it off. FAST 118
open US army boffins use AI to spot faces in the dark 6
open Infosec brainiacs release public dataset to classify new malware using AI 6
open Wow, braking news: Overworked, tired ride-sharing drivers declared a public health risk 15
By DougS
open France wants you to put lights and beacons on your drone 29
open The only way is Ethics: UK Lords fret about AI 'moral panic' 39
By Nimby
open Boffins try to grok dogs using AI, a cyber-brain charter, a bot running for mayor, and more 16
open AI, AI, sir: British Army chiefs visit Silicon Valley hypelords 3
open Has your machine really learned something? Snap quiz time 11
open What a time to be alive: LG and Italian furniture-maker build smart sofa 54
open UK rocket-botherers rattle SABRE, snaffle big bucks 48
open Moneybags VCs look to the stars – and spaff a billion on space tech 3
By defiler
open What's in a spectrum allocation? Aero bods talk drone radio links 4
open How do you get drones talking to air traffic controllers? Pretty easily, says Brit startup 15

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