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open Artificial intelligence... or advanced imitation? How DeepMind used YouTube vids to train game-beating Atari bot 22
open Capture your late-night handbrake turns with this 'autonomous' car-chasing camera drone 37
open 'Autopilot' Tesla crashed into our parked patrol car, say SoCal cops 88
By jmarked
open New UK drone laws are on the way – but actual Drones Bill still in limbo 54
By nijam
open If you have cash to burn, racks to fill, problems to brute-force, Nvidia has an HGX-2 for you 12
open Beardy Branson: Wacky hyperloop tube maglev cheaper than railways 103
By ridley
open How much is the drone biz worth to the UK? How's £42bn by 2030 sound? – PWC 34
open FPGAs for AI? GPUs and CPUs are the future, shrugs drone biz Insitu 7
open Overhyping AI doctors, language translation goes open source, and new jobs on the cards 22
open IBM's Watson Health wing left looking poorly after 'massive' layoffs 40
open Remember that $5,000 you spent on Tesla's Autopilot and then sued when it didn't deliver? We have good news... 49
open International Maritime Organisation turns salty gaze on regulating robotic shipping 52
By Roland6
open Tufts boffins track device location without GPS or towers 14
By onefang
open Uber robo-ride's deadly crash: Self-driving car had emergency braking switched off by design 128
By bwp
open As Tesla hits speed bump after speed bump, Elon Musk loses his mind in anti-media rant 135
By Paper
open You know that silly fear about Alexa recording everything and leaking it online? It just happened 221
By AK565
open UK's Royal Navy accepts missile-blasting missile as Gulf clouds gather 123
By Rudeboy
open Hold on. Here's an idea. Let's force AI bots to identify themselves as automatons, says Cali 38
open Uber jams Arizona robo-car project into reverse gear after deadly smash 55
open Intel's latest promise: Our first AI ASIC chips will arrive in 2019 5
open Machine learning for dummies: You needn't go back to uni to use it 23
open Can you handle the tooth? AI helps dentists design fake gnashers 4
open Folks are shocked – shocked – that CIA-backed Amazon is selling face-recog tech to US snoops, cops 19
open Braking news: Tesla preps firmware fling to 'fix' Model 3's inability to stop in time 81
By Swarthy
open Within Arm's reach: Chip brains that'll make your 'smart' TV a bit smarter 55
open Military brainboxes ponder 'UK needs you' list of AI boffins 34
open Your parents love you, Cortana. That's why we bought you an upgrade 30
open How Google's Smart Compose for Gmail works – and did it fake its robo-caller demo? 15
open Eye in the sea skies: Insitu flies Scaneagle 3 UAV in first public demo 13
By Screwed
open Boffins bash out bonkers boost for batteries 61
By Baynes
open Great Scott! Bitcoin to consume half a per cent of the world's electricity by end of year 78
By VikiAi
open Map app chaps Waze add shout-at-sat-nav support for Ford cars 13
By Swarthy
open Three-hour outage renders Nest-equipped smart homes very dumb 104
open Tesla forums awash with spam as mods take an unscheduled holiday 19
open Open architecture, NATO or civilian, it all works for drone bods Insitu 1
open People like convenience more than privacy – so no, blockchain will not 'decentralise the web' 43
open Boffins build smallest drone to fly itself with AI 48
open Intel confab roundup: Beer and earthquakes, flying cars and IPOs 1
By cuvtixo
open Oculus Go: Capable kit, if the warnings don't put you off 28
By VikiAi
open Boffins build a 2D 'quantum walk' that's not a computer, but could still blow them away 28
open Boffins urge Google to drop military deal after Googlers storm out over AI-based super-drones 43
open Latest from the coming AI robot apocalypse: we're going to be fine 20
open Robo-callers, robo-cops, robo-runners, robo-car crashes, and more 24
open Southend Airport tests drone detection system 20
open Don't try and beat AI, merge with it says chess champ Garry Kasparov 19
open Mobileye's autonomous cars are heading to California. But they're not going to kill anyone. At least not on purpose 29
open Top IoT M2M module shipper for 2017 was China's Simcom. Who's surprised? 3
open Artificial intelligence is good for at least one thing – making hardware important again 12
open DeepMind: Get a load of our rat-like AI. 'Ere, look. It solves mazes and stuff 12
open So when can you get in the first self-driving car? GM says 2019. Mobileye says 2021. Waymo says 2018 – yes, this year 85

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