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open Oomm-tsss, oomm-tsss, Oomm-tsss, oomm-tsss... it's an AI beatbox 2
open Wondering what to do with that $2,300 burning a hole in your pocket? 70
open Reckon you deserve a Wikipedia entry? Try getting this bot's notice 17
open You've heard of Michael 'Air' Jordan – well, get ready for 'AI-R' Jordan 5
open Hard to imagine Google, Facebook building AI without (checks notes) Dell EMC's Data Science Provisioning Portal 2
open Imagine Python fan fiction written in C, read with a Lisp: Code lingo Nim gets cash injection 34
open Facial recognition tech to be used on Olympians and staff at Tokyo 2020 14
By Credas
open Oi, clickbait cop bot, jam this in your neural net: Hot new AI threatens to DESTROY web journos 61
open OpenAI bots thrash team of Dota 2 semi-pros, set eyes on mega-tourney 27
By rp12
open AI on Raspberry Pi, Waymo touts robo-rides to Arizonians, and more 16
By JassMan
open Uptight robots that suddenly beg to stay alive are less likely to be switched off by humans 64
open The wheel turns slowly, but it turns: Feds emit IoT security tip sheet 13
open AI, caramba: NetApp pits scaly A800 ONTAP beast against Pure's AIRI fairy 1
By J. Cook
open Basic bigot bait: Build big black broad bots – non-white, female 'droids get all the abuse 116
open Arm reckons its 'any device, any data, any cloud' IoT tech has legs 12
open Boffins build a NAZI AI – wait, let's check that... OK, it's a grammar nazi 88
open This is your four-minute warning: Boffins train ImageNet-based AI classifier in just 240s 11
open Relax, Amazon workers – OpenAI-trained robo hand isn't much use (well, not right now) 16
By onefang
open IBM Watson dishes out 'dodgy cancer advice', Google Translate isn't better than humans yet, and other AI tidbits 47
open Politicians fume after Amazon's face-recog AI fingers dozens of them as suspected crooks 74
open Rights group launches legal challenge over London cops' use of facial recognition tech 49
By OldCrow
open NXP becomes N-nixed-P, Apple snubs Qualcomm modems for Intel chips 7
By DougS
open Google unwraps its gateway drug: Edge TPU chips for IoT AI code 11
open Some Things just aren't meant to be (on Internet of Things networks). But we can work around that 70
open If you're serious about securing IoT gadgets, may as well start here 39
By dajames
open Google Cloud AutoML: Neural nets designed by neural nets? It may as well be AI hyped by AI 4
open Here's why AI can't make a catchier tune than the worst pop song in the charts right now 61
open Psst, says Qualcomm... Kid, you wanna see what a 5G antenna looks like? 28
open Engineers, coders – it's down to you to prevent AI being weaponised 83
open Google Translate spews doomsday messages, Facebook snatches boffins, and more in AI 30
By Mycho
open Fake prudes: Catholic uni AI bot taught to daub bikinis on naked chicks 137
open If only 3D desktop printers could 3D print sales! Units crash in Q1 32
open Boffins mix AI and chemicals to create super-fast lab assistant 15
By J. Cook
open Elon Musk, his arch nemesis DeepMind swear off AI weapons 64
open Techie sues ex-bosses, claims their AI avatar tech was faked – and he was allegedly beaten up after crying foul 26
open Windows 10 IoT Core Services unleashed to public preview 35
open Microsoft's 'room-scale' Ginormonitor probably not as big as a room 11
open AI can untangle the jumble of neurons packed in brain scans 1
By Crisp
open Shouting lager, lager... Carlsberg's beer AI can now tell pilsners apart 49
open Oracle cuts ribbon on distributed ledger service 8
open IoT search engine ZoomEye 'dumbs down' Dahua DVR hijackings by spewing passwords 7
open Montezuma's Revenge still too tough for AI, new Google Brain office, and other bits and bytes 3
open Clean up this hot sticky facial-recog mess for us, Microsoft begs politicos 9
By Tom 38
open AR upstart Magic Leap reveals majorly late tech specs' tech specs 58
By dbtx
open AI augments humans to lead them through the (protein) crystal maze 5
open AI threatens yet more jobs – now, lab rats: Animal testing could be on the way out, thanks to machine learning 28
By Dagg
open For €10k, Fujitsu will tell you if your blockchain project is a load of bull 26
open I see you're trying to leak a file! US military seeks Clippy-like AI to stop future Snowdens 28
open Your phone may be able to clean up snaps – but our AI is much better at touching up, say boffins 35
By Nifty
open Google offers to leave robocallers hanging on the telephone 102

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