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open Docker revs up Engine, hits 1.10 1
By Bill 21
open Dragons and butterflies: The chaos of other people's clouds 19
open Software devs' new mantra: Zen dogs dream of small-sized bones 13
open How a power blip briefly broke GitHub's boxes and tripped it offline 19
By jimmyj
open NOTHING trumps extra pizza on IT projects. Not even more people 76
By x 7
open Perforce boss: ‘I’m just the cook’, flips firm to private equity 5
open Chef reviews internal update plans after 'degradation incident' 4
open GitHub: We're sorry (again) about (another) outage 17
open Chef plugs Ruby vulns with Server release 1
open Continuous Lifecycle: Bursting with DevOps and CD goodness 9
open GitHub falls offline, devs worldwide declare today a snow day 18
By Rainer
open Whew! How to tell if a DevOps biz is peddling a load of manure 26
By Spod
open Ansible says Galaxy app store revamp is really real 1
By Lee D
open Walmart takes its DevOps platform and piles it high on GitHub 5
open 'Unikernels will send us back to the DOS era' – DTrace guru Bryan Cantrill speaks out 100
open DevOps darling GitLab has hit those difficult 50s already 1
open MariaDB hires new CEO with code daddy Monty in as CTO 12
open Newly minted DevOps consultancy roams world, looking for CIOs in pain 7
open Puppet Labs guards cash pile, gets chilly over IPO plans 1
open Red Hat plants containers as Jboss EAP 7 bursts into beta 1
open Stop, look, listen: Don't be 2016's DevOps roadkill – here's how to survive 19
open Full of fear at work: Blame the boss, or yourself? 19
open You, yes YOU: DevOps' people problem 37
open No, Agile does not 'equal' DevOps: Examining complexity and the long haul 14
open Er, what sort of Docker experience were you expecting? 7
open JetBrains announces Project Rider, a cross-platform IDE for C# 9
By Deltics
open Ansible dumps Van Halen product names for Led Zeppelin references 7
By TeeCee
open Switzerland, Spain and France are beating UK at DevOps – survey 26
open Time to worry about container standard's AWOL dates? 10
By Lusty
open Jenkins issues code of conduct to keep rowdy automation fans in line 16
open New Year, new Git: Version control system updated this week 7
open Microservices are not the same thing as components 21
open Compuware promises mainframe DevOps as old programmers croak 23
open Ready for DevOps? Time to brush up on The Office and practise 'culture' 30
open Jez Humble to deliver keynote at Continuous Lifecycle London 6
open Oracle beefs up container credentials with Five Guys buyout 9
open Assembly of tech giants convene to define future of computing 18
open IT infrastructure on demand? Yeah right, say devs 14
open Slack to play nice with others, like Atlassian's hip(chat) kids 12
open Continuous Lifecycle London – Early Bird Tickets Available Now 3
open Node.js Foundation gets a small sprinkling of Yahoo! 11
By as2003
open Red Hat clicks with server foe Microsoft on CloudForms 7
By hplasm
open Everyone wants a piece of software maker Atlassian's ass 8
By Stretch
open Puppet jerks into life, hugs Microsoft and orchestrates apps 3
open Microsoft drops internal PowerShell tests on GitHub 19
open Browsium serves stats to demystify cloud consumption 1
open Can DevOps and Agile save the planet? thinks so 12
open CFEngine goes from beta to full product in just a month 4
open So, what should Atlassian spend its post-IPO riches on? 11
open Fujitsu CTO: Analysts might think we're 'crazy', but OpenStack here we come 8
By Probie

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