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open Struggling to understand Docker? Let's start with a Minecraft demo 18
open Want to boost your payslip? Get DevOps on your business card 16
open HPE comes over all Docker, throws containers at Helion tools lineup 7
open New Relic goes old school, wooing enterprises, partners at FutureStack 2
open Jenkins plugs 11 security holes with two updates 6
open Most developers have never seen a successful project 88
open New Relic loses money, gains marketing boss, buys Opsmatic 2
open Chef launches Compliance: Server security policy as code 8
By phil 27
open Chef kicks off London conference with buyout and product releases 7
open Devops platform Cloud Foundry floats on Microsoft's Azure 1
open 'T-shaped' developers are the new normal 83
By JeffUK
open OASIS: Refreshment for dehydrated secondary storage users? 1
open Got a DevOps story to tell? Get in touch with us now 1
open Red Hat buys Ansible for DevOps loveliness 6
open Containers everywhere! Getting started with Docker 6
open Managing DevOps in the hybrid cloud 2
open Modernise and prosper: It's time to imbibe server orchestration 3
open Chef to take DevOps 'mainstream' with $40m funding round 2
open Hypervisors are sooo 2005. For hip containers, you need a 'Microvisor' 5
open The container-cloud myth: We're not in Legoland anymore 14
open Puppet draws back the curtain on devops magic with funky gfx and UI 5
By ecofeco
open Red Hat: PaaS or IaaS, everything's about CONTAINERS now 1
By jake
open VMware builds a magic mirror for containers and a desktop cloud 2
open EMC dangles Puppet out of its Enterprise Hybrid Cloud 1
open Docker ascendancy's ignites a flak-in-the-box cloud arms race 4
open Cumulus Networks gives network admins a little DevOps loving 1
open Do your switches run Cumulus Linux? Puppet will pull your strings 1
open Everything's code, 'zero tolerance for assholes': Yup, it's ChefConf 21
By Fatman
open Chef Software cooks up new Chef Delivery DevOps product 3
open Puppet Labs pulls strings on Docker, AWS and bare metal 1
By Hans 1
open Give in to data centre automation and change your life 9
open Big software players talking common microservices definitions 1
open Malware coders adopt DevOps to target smut sites 5
open Erik Meijer: AGILE must be destroyed, once and for all 189
open Chef and HP cook up partnership for infrastructure as code – even on Windows 10
By Macka
open Docker, Part 2: Whoa! Spontaneous industry standard! How did they do THAT? 16
open How to get ahead in IT: Swap the geek speak for the spreadsheet 29
open Docker's app containers are coming to Windows Server, says Microsoft 19
By MadMike
open Software gurus: Only developers can defeat mass surveillance 16
open Puppet-wearing devs: There's now an app (or two) for that 2
closed Serverless? There’s more than one way to run a function 2
closed Conference alert: Think you can save money by going Serverless? 6
closed Thinking of saying goodbye to your servers? We'll show you how 5
closed Serverless Computing: Here's an easy way to save £££s from the start 3
closed Serverless Computing London: Agenda is live 4
closed Serverless Computing London: Time running out on blind bird tickets 14
closed Kubernetes and Containers? We’ve got 3 ways to take you deep 1
By LesC
closed Software transformation for the rest of us: Check out the lineup of talks at our devops conference 2
closed Rebuilding your software ops and looking for the right tool kit? 3
closed Continuous Lifecycle London: Just over a month to go 1


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