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open Behold, the world's most popular programming language – and it is...wait, er, YAML?!? 122
open How one programmer's efforts to stop checking in buggy code changed the DevOps world 36
open Cisco and AWS hop into bed for steamy hybrid Kubernetes action 1
open GitHub lost a network link for 43 seconds, went TITSUP for a day 51
open Bitbucket wobbles but it won't fall. Oh, snap... 17
open The creator of Jenkins has gone native in a cloudy DevOps world 2
By phuzz
open freezes up as techies race to fix dead data storage gear 69
By tfb
open Pull request accepted: You want to buy GitHub, Microsoft? Go for it – EU 33
open Atlassian: Look at our ginormous Jira revenues! 22
open Deeper dive with GitHub Actions: One config file to rule them all and in the darkness bind them 7
open Twilio tweaks twicky twalkative bot toows to dewight devewopers: It's Autopilot for chat apps 4
open The mysterious life of Luc Esape, bug fixer extraordinaire. His big secret? He's not human 40
By xeroks
open GitHub grabs a piece of the Actions: 'A project that will do for software development what we did for the pull request' 5
open Fed up with cloud giants ripping off its database, MongoDB forks new 'open-source license' 34
By ~mico
open Juniper shows its intent with Dev, er, no, sorry, make that... EngNet 1
By stiine
open Put on your clogs, take a close look at what DevOps fave Puppet flung out this week 1
open Block me, Amadeus: Falco to perform in CNCF sandbox 4
open 'The gulf between apps and infrastructure is blurring' says boss of DevOps darling Puppet 3
By teebie
open Puppet Insights arrives to shine uncomfortably bright light on DevOps 8
By Julz
open JFrog picks up $165m in funding to realise its liquid software vision 1
open Want to get Serverless into production? Spend a few days with us 3
open Cloudflare ties Workers to distributed data storage 4
open Windows Admin Center gets an update, just in time for Server 2019 2
By TonyJ
open GitLab gets it, grabs $100m to become $1bn firm 5
By Ogi
open Kick-Kaas: NetApp gobbles cloudy Kubernetes upstart StackPointCloud 1
open NPM not tied in knots over Yarn rival project 14
open Microsoft adds Windows module support to PowerShell Core while Amazon unleashes it on Lambda 21
open How have the BBC, Rovio and more put serverless to work? 1
open Visual Studio Team Services squeezes into new Azure DevOps togs 4
open Soft eng salaries soar by 25 per cent – and, oh yes, devops is best paid for non-boss techies 33
open Google sets Kubernetes free with $9m in its pocket for expenses 4
open Event warning... Serverless Computing London early bird offer about to expire 4
open Your Twitter app stopped working? Here's why 29
open Here's a fab idea: Get crypto libs to warn devs when they screw up 17
By JohnFen
open Microsoft's Azure Kubernetes Service mucked my cluster! 11
open MessageBird, Twilio tout low-code tools for DIY comms app plumbing 10
By onefang
open Only a day late and a dollar short, Google: Now its cloud cozies up to Microsoft's GitHub 9
open Facebook's React Native web tech not loved by native mobile devs 27
open Hooray: Google App Engine finally ready for Python 3 (and PHP 7.2) 15
By DCFusor
open Pop that in the container, would you? HPE performs 3PAR array brain transplant 7
open Whisk-y business: How Apache OpenWhisk hole left IBM Cloud Functions at risk of hijacking 3
By veti
open Acquisition Galvanize'd: Code bootcamp Hack Reactor eyed up by hungry tech trainers 3
open Devs: This is another fine Mesh you've got us into, Microsoft 7
By Dagg
open Python creator Guido van Rossum sys.exit()s as language overlord 140
open OK, so they sometimes push out insecure stuff, but software devs need our love and respect 17
open Git365. Git for Teams. Quatermass and the Git Pit. GitHub simply won't do now Microsoft has it 170
By dajames
open Azure storage adds static HTML website hosting 2
open Google Cloud CEO admits: Yeah, we wanted GitHub too. Whatevs 25
open New Python update slithers into release 11
By Dave559
open Puppet is a poppet in the eyes of DevOps cash injectors: Automation upstart bags extra $42m 7
By Macka



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