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open What did turbonerds do before the internet? 41 years ago, a load of BBS 124
open Intel to finally scatter remaining ashes of Itanium to the wind in 2021: Final call for doomed server CPU line 65
By chaos64
open AyyyMD had an Epyc quarter: Server chip shipments 'more than doubled' Q3 to Q4 5
By anoncow
open Intel boss: Expect chip shortages into mid-2019, stumbling server processor sales this year 17
open The BMC in OpenBMC stands for 'Burglarize My Computer' – thanks to irritating security flaw 21
open Epyc move: Supermicro plunges into Cascade Lake’s Optanical waters 5
open Cambridge Analytica sister firm pleads guilty, fined £21k for failing to obey UK information commish 18
open Huawei's 7nm 64-core Arm server brain, fresh Intel desktop Core chips, IBM tapping Samsung for Power10, and more 5
open Dell EMC better watch out, HPE better not frown, Chinese server sales are talk of the town 4
open Doubles all round for the server-makers: Market inhales $23.36bn for the quarter 2
open HPE flack: We've got an Azure stack flash rack. What's with these techies wanting technical details? 1
open Russian computer failure on ISS is nothing to worry about – they're just going to turn it off and on again 58
open DBA drifts into legend after inventive server convo leaves colleagues fearing for their lives 57
open Intel peddles latest Xeon CPUs – E-series and 48-core Cascade Lake AP – to soothe epyc mygrayne 18
open If you want to rent AMD Epyc bare-metal boxes in the cloud, Oracle hopes you see red 4
By Fenton
open Our processor tech's got legs, says Arm: 'One million' data center servers will ship in 2018 3
open Oracle? On my server? I must have been hacked! *Penny drops* Oh sh- 103
By fix72
open Super Micro China super spy chip super scandal: US Homeland Security, UK spies back Amazon, Apple denials 90
open DB dev waggles GPU-dosed POWER9 server at data warehouse crowd, yells: SQream 4
open Linux, HCI and more, all from the new release of Windows Server 2019 5
open Hitachi Vantara brain dump: IoT, servers, containers and self-regulating data centres 3
open Dell in-houses production, dumps Celestica in Ireland 1
By Kev99
open Watt the heck is this? A 32-core 3.3GHz Arm server CPU shipping? Yes, says Ampere 62
By -tim
open A boss pinching pennies may have cost his firm many, many pounds 169
open You've been served: Market rakes in $22bn, Dell does rather well – IDC 9
open A third of London boroughs 'fess to running unsupported server software 58
open Apple tipped to revive forgotten Macbook Air and Mac mini – report 46
open Techie's test lab lands him in hot water with top tech news site 49
open Boss regrets pointing finger at chilled out techie who finished upgrade early 151
open Phased out: IT architect plugs hole in clean-freak admin's wiring design 152
open Nearly half of IBM's $1bn Aussie framework deal comes from mainframes 24
open Intel: Yeah, yeah, 10nm. It's on the todo list. Now, let's talk about AI... 26
open Wait, did you hear that? That rumbling in the distance? Sounds like... a 16-socket IBM Power9 box shuffling this way 19
open Hmm, there's something fishy about this graph charting AMD's push into Intel's server turf 29
open Es are good, Es are good. Xeon Es are good, says Intel: Entry-level workstation CPUs touted 12
open Heatwave shmeatwave: Brit IT departments cool their racks – explicit pics 117
open AAAAAAAAAA! You'll scream when you see how easy it is to pwn unpatched HPE servers 38
open Disk firmware can kill a whole cluster how exactly? Cisco explains 23
open Hyperconverged hype train is going hard: Kit sales up 76% to $1.23bn 4
open Air Force Won: Nutanix lands $45m deal to ply US flyboys with hyperconverged kit 5
open New Windows Server preview ships with an AI crystal ball 9
open Huawei unveils bigger iron KunLun server at CeBIT 9
open White box server makers flounder BUT big brands shine 7
open It's good to be the king: Dell gives HPE hell at top of server charts 5
By Benage
open Cisco turns to AMD Epyc for the first time in new UCS model 8
open Industry whispers: Qualcomm mulls Arm server processor exit 44
By xosevp
open Broadcom's Arm server chip lives – as Cavium's two-socket ThunderX2 6
open Microsoft's most popular SQL Server product of all time runs on Linux 59
open Supermicro serves up another foggy quarterly report 2
By Grikath
open Cray snuggles up with AMD: Clustered super CS500 lets in Epyc chip 5
By Korev


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