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open Brocade SAN sales butchered by hyper-converged upstarts 1
open BT, Ericsson square up to Arqiva, Samsung over 5G arms race 3
By Dan 55
open London Internet Exchange members vote no to constitution tweak 38
open EE unveils sky domination plans with drones, balloons 33
By Cuddles
open UK Snoopers' Charter gagging order drafted for London Internet Exchange directors 104
open nbn™ to cut the charges ISPs pay for traffic 9
By Adam 1
open Google yanks workers from ISP outfit, it's THE FIBER COUNTDOWN 17
open Why I had to sue the FCC – VoIP granddaddy Dan Berninger 44
open Virgin Media swallows 215,000 new fibre customers in Blighty 21
open Global IPv4 address drought: Seriously, we're done now. We're done 211
open Hutchison's 3UK and Google push 3.5 GHz on both sides of the pond 12
open Cheer up, pal: UK mobe networks are now 8% less crap, tests show 19
open Remote unauthenticated OS re-install is a feature, not a bug, says Cisco 23
open Roses are reddish, exam-takers more so: Cisco's test price hike's a smack to the torso 11
By ecofeco
open Cisco's Visual Networking Index: Rather optimistic traffic numbers, aren't they? 2
open Cisco sacrifices iron, pushes gateway protection into cloud 1
open Crims in £160m broadband scam facing 44 years of porridge 9
open nbn™ tops AU$400 million half-year revenue 9
open Guilty! Four blokes conned banks in £160m fibre broadband scam 12
open Cut off: Big government IT wallets snap shut on BT's fingers 27
By Zmodem
open Japanese team unveils terahertz band 100 Gbps wireless tech 19
By DavidRa
open FYI: Ticking time-bomb fault will brick Cisco gear after 18 months 49
open Ofcom splashed 11% more cash on legal costs with £4.9m war chest 2
open Humble Pai: New FCC supremo promises long overdue transparency 2
open Broadband internet in New York is so garbage, the state's suing Charter 24
open Let's replace Ethernet with infrared light bouncing off mirrors! 48
open AT&T ready to trial latest attempt at pumping internet over power lines 23
open NHS reply-all meltdown swamped system with half a billion emails 65
By Trixr
open MEEELLIONs of Brits stick with current broadband provider rather than risk no Netflix 74
By Whitter
open Final 25G/50G Ethernet spec finally lands 6
open Please come back! TalkTalk woos customers with broadband offers 34
open Baird is the word: Netflix's grandaddy gets bronze London landmark 39
By paulf
open Avaya's bankruptcy protection is a 'good thing,' says Europe North veep 6
By a_a
open Secret HPE letter tells sales team and partners to keep selling Arista 'confidently' 5
open Happy Friday: Busted Barracuda update borks corporate firewalls 27
open Huawei could rescue Amazon's Alexa from the smart home 7
open Facebook, Cumulus take on Cisco with 128 ports of open networking iron 8
open US Army's spun-off GPU database gets ready for more matrix operations 2
open Shocked, I tell you. BT to write off £530m over 'improper' Italian accounts practices 57
By Stevie
open Boffins explain why it takes your Wi-Fi so long to connect 23
By Roland6
open Happy Monday, Juniper admins: Get patching 1
By Alister
open Boffins ready to demo 1.44 petabit-per-second fibre cables 22
open All the cool kids are doing it – BT hikes broadband and TV bills 52
open Windows 10 networking bug derails Microsoft's own IPv6 rollout 155
open LTE-Broadcast has broad deployment models. What it doesn't have is the iPhone 10
By paulf
open Jersey Telecom wheels out LoRa IoT network, says it's 'not ruling out' other techs 8
open 100 Gbps link to Europe lights up to delight researchers 5
open IPv6 vulnerable to fragmentation attacks that threaten core internet routers 15
open London Ambulance IT system hit by three outages in last year 17
By Stevie
open BT installs phone 'spam filter', says it'll strain out mass cold-callers 198