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open US telcos' best pal – yes, the FCC – urged to dump its dodgy stats, crowd-source internet speeds direct from subscribers 3
open Germany tells America to verpissen off over Huawei 5G cyber-Sicherheitsbedenken 15
open Roses are red, so is ketchup, 'naked' Huawei tells its critics to belt up 17
open Slow and steady for Cisco: Yep, people still need network gear, and together they'll pay billions of bucks for it 3
By Yes Me
open Sigfox cracks open IoT radio protocol specs for world+dog (+badgers?) 11
open Go big (with our bandwidth) or go home, Verizon: Texas mulls outlawing 911 throttling after Cali wildfire fiasco 42
open Cisco sues lawyers on its own side – for bigger slice of capacitor price-fixing settlement pie 21
open Ivan to be left alone: Russia preps to turn its internet into an intranet if West opens cyber-fire 55
open Uncle Sam to its friends around the world: You can buy technology the easy way, or the Huawei 62
By JohnFen
open Never mind that naked selfie scandal... Brazil lights the, er, kindling, dot-Amazon saga roars back into life 28
open Not heard owt bad about Huawei, says EU Commish infosec bod 48
open It's OK, everyone – Congress's smart-cookie Republicans have the answer to America's net neutrality quandary 51
open High-speed broadband fiber in America: You want the good news or bad news first? 32
By JJKing
open How I got horizontal with a gimp and untangled his cables 121
open Trolling in the Reg's forums... we mean, er, 'working' on the train still rubbish thanks to patchy data coverage 45
open Things that make you go .hm... Has a piece of the internet just sunk into the ocean? It appears so 49
open Huawei pens open letter to UK Parliament: Spying? Nope, we've done nothing wrong 38
open Viasat: Huzzah, we're going to the EU courts over airline broadband 5
By Dabooka
open Cheap call? Hardly. GSM gateway judicial review to settle whether UK Home Sec can legally push comms watchdog around 35
By teebie
open Grumble Pai: FCC boss told by House Dems to try the novel concept of putting US folks first, big biz second 50
open Upcoming report from UK's Huawei handler will blast firm for unresolved security issues 33
open BT's outgoing CEO: He's officially gone, but he'll score £1m in pay, pension until Oct 20
By BigCol
open Our vulture listened to four hours of obtuse net neutrality legal blah-blah so you don't have to: Here's what's happening 47
open Brexit-ready BT sits back, watches profit rise in CEO's swansong quarter 10
open Qualcomm has perfect 20-20 vision: Chip sales down 20%, shipments down 20%, licensing down 20%... 1
open US watchdog legal fight against Qualcomm and pushy chip deals closes with argument over how awful lawyers are 11
open Iceland starts planning for new undersea internet cable to Europe 29
open While US fires criminal charges at Huawei, UK tells legislators not to worry, everything's fine 52
open Plusnet vows to shove a sword in members area 'White Screen Of Death' 22
open Fine, we'll do it the Huawei, says Uncle Sam: CFO charged with fraud, faces extradition to US over Iran trade claims 75
open Openreach to heap faster broadband on UK's media-heavy hubs 21
open Arrcus looks to 400G future, Tonga stuck on satellite connection, and Linux Foundation's new edge computing effort 2
open FCC accused of colluding with Big Cable to game 5G legal challenge 19
By Neoc
open UC Berkeley reacts to 'uni Huawei ban' reports: We unplugged, like, one thing no one cares about 23
By RZaciu
open Golly 4G whizz: Vodafone caught using a cheeky bit of Three UK's spectrum 22
open Senior ministers asked: So, are we going to ban Huawei or what? 23
open Remember Woolworths? Well there's a different* one that still exists in Oz. Telstra wants NBN Co to help shove fibre in it 18
open France wants in on the No Huawei Club while Canuck infosec bloke pretty insistent on ban 46
By _LC_
open Lords of the DNS remind admins about Flag Day, Juniper likes Watson and more 11
open At 900k lines of code, ONOS is getting heavy. Can it go on a diet? 13
open Man drives 6,000 miles to prove Uncle Sam's cellphone coverage maps are wrong – and, boy, did he manage it 98
open FCC: Oh no, deary me. What a shame. Too bad, so sad we can't do net neutrality appeal during the US govt shutdown 36
By rcp27
open Oxford University reportedly turns off its Huawei money tap 33
open Huawei’s elusive Mr Ren: We’re just a 'sesame seed' in a superpower spat 32
open If at first, second, third... fourth time you don't succeed, you're Apple: Another appeal lost in $440m net patent war 32
open Huawei's horror show 2019 continues as Taiwanese research institute joins banhammer club 44
open A few short packets: Cisco still Switchzilla, a neat Wi-Fi hack and more 1
open Begone, Demon Internet: Vodafone to shutter old-school pioneer ISP 190
open Wanted – have you seen this MAC address: f8:e0:79:af:57:eb? German cops appeal for logs in bomb probe 83
By sisk
open We're two weeks into 2019, and an email can potentially knacker your Cisco message box – plus other bugs to fix 4
By ThomH


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