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open D-Link in Pluribus-powered white box play to target enterprise sales 1
open Sysadmins told to update their software or risk killing the internet 31
open Verizon kicks out hot new Unlimited* plans 20
open Virgin Media customers complain of outages across UK 72
By OliP
open Who needs 5G? Qualcomm, Ericsson and Verizon hit 1Gbps with LTE gear 6
By Mage
open Why does the market care so much about Cisco's security biz? 2
open Vodafone customers moan about sluggish data abroad 48
open UK industry mouthpiece wants 'near-universal' broadband speeds of 30Mbps by 2020 58
open South London: Rats! The rodents have killed the internet 55
open Brit folk STILL not getting advertised broadband speeds – survey 29
open London 'not-spots' look out! Mayor wants team to tackle crap signal 12
By adwoot
open Brits look at Google and Facebook every 210 seconds, says survey 27
open Big Switch, HPE, in 'You complete me. No, you complete me' tryst 3
open Mediocre Britain: UK broadband ranked 31st in world for speed 74
By Slx
open Big question of the day: Is it time to lock down .localhost? 38
open Internet's backroom boffins' big brainwave: Put people first in future 16
open Post Office puts stamp on ISP minnow Fuel 14
open Welcome to the Rise of the Machine-to-Machine. Isn't it time to 'block off' some data ducts? 20
open Dirty carbon nanotubes offer telcos chance at secure quantum comms 15
By Kernel
open Brace yourselves, Virgin Media prices are going up AGAIN, people 68
open Australia's .au internet registry chair quits amid no-confidence vote 14
open Sysadmin Day 2017: Still time to get the beers in 21
open After we ran our article about the fate of .sk, the nation of Slovakia flew into a rage. And now, here's part two... 33
open Cisco bugs leave network automation vulnerable to attack 1
By jake
open Virgin Media's profanity warning triggered by chief exec's name 64
By jake
open O2 admits to throttling network bandwidth for EU data roamers 41
open The drinks are on Juniper: Revenue and profits up in Q2 2017 3
open Firefox doesn't need to be No 1 – and that's OK, 'cos it's falling off a cliff 226
open UK ministers' Broadband '2.0' report confuses superfast with 10Mbps 86
open Bluetooth makes a mesh of itself with new spec 10
open UK mobile number porting creaks: Arcane system shows its age 57
open Deutsche Telekom demo pushes G.Fast faster, further 5
open TalkTalk posts 3% sales drop, says Openreach should walk the WalkWalk 18
By Roland6
open Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3, 4G: Tube comms trials for emergency crews 12
open 5G is not just a radio: Welcome to the fibre-tastic new mobile world 13
open Thanks for U-turning on biz-killing ban, Ofcom – now cough up, say GSM gateway bods 18
open Openreach asks UK what it thinks about 10 million 'full fibre' connections 58
open Multi-gig broadband spec passes interop test at Verizon 3
open Ofcom creates watchdog specifically to make sure Openreach is behaving 32
open Juniper admins: Grab your bug-zappers and load 22 rounds 1
open Openreach kicks off 'rebrand' by painting over BT logo on vans 60
open European Telecoms Standards Institute emits mobile edge APIs 5
open Crashed RadioShack flogs off its IPv4 stash 46
By Nanashi
open Virgin Media biz service goes TITSUP* across London 45
open Brit unis bunged £16m in gov cash for 5G test 9
open Virgin Media admits it 'fell short' in broadband speeds ahead of lashing from BBC's Watchdog 64
By druck
open tips £400m into digital investment pot 24
open Virgin Media to close flagship Oxford St store in August 41
open Virgin Media cuts 250 jobs amid £3bn Project Lightning cockup fallout 28
open London suffers from 'sub-standard' connectivity - report 50



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