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open Google hooks up with Scale for cloud collab?! What does it all mean? 2
By ratfox
open Love cloudy HPC? Microsoft does, slurps Cycle Computing 4
open Swinburne Uni slings SGI, picks DellTel for new 4,140 core super 2
open Place your bets: How long will 1TFLOPS HPE box last in space without proper rad hardening 60
By T283ta
open Brit uni builds its own supercomputer from secondhand parts 56
open 190 Cray employees hosed down with shower of pink slippery 7
open Dell and Intel see off IBM and POWER to win new Australian super 10
open Amazon supercharges GPU power, spits out Nvidia-backed G3 2
By Korev
open Alan Turing Institute bags a Cray Urika-GX to crunch numbers for next-gen tech boffinry 6
open Britain's warhead-watcher to simulate Trident nukes with Atos supercomputer 74
open Students smash competitive clustering LINPACK world record 14
open HPE teases HPC punters with scalable gear 4
open Swiss super pushes USA off podium in new Top500 Supers list 8
open Cluster-wrestling kids pimp their HPC rides in Frankfurt 2
open Stop trying to make The Machine happen, HPE. It's not going to happen 15
By 45RPM
open Uncle Sam bungs rich tech giants quarter of a billion bucks for exascale super R&D 18
By Jbry
open To heck with the laws of physics... we will squeeze more juice from these processors 15
open Want to know more about HPC apps? This explicit vid has some answers 3
open Nvidia: Pssst... farmers. Need to get some weeds whacked? 28
open GPU-flingers' bash: Forget the Matrix, Neo needs his tensors 15
open IBM man goes deep on why they're all shiny OpenCAPI people 2
open Parallel programming masterclass with compsci maven online 5
open Cray dips toe in supercomputing-as-a-service 1
By Timmy B
open The rise of AI marks an end to CPU dominated computing 24
open Chinese supercomputer newbs smash student cluster-building record 2
open Student cluster-wrestlers face off in HPC battle: You and whose army? Um, China's 2
open Straight outta Shandong cluster noobs set new LINPACK world record 8
open Filer startup Qumulo chosen to help tame the DreamWorks dragon 4
open HPC kids battle each other... oh, and tussle with the world's fastest supercomputer 4
open Intel loses its Lustre – Chipzilla bins own-brand HPC file system 15
By Echo 5
open Microsoft and Rambus will get schwifty in quantum-cum-cryogenic computation collab 14
open Ah, breathe that fresh alpine air. And look over there, a majestic HPC Advisory Council 3
By Korev
open UK splurges £20m on six regional HPC centres 7
open IBM has cloud access to quantum computer 400 times smaller than D-Wave system 27
open Quantum takes on GPFS and Lustre in commercial HPC market 5
open OK, 2016 wasn't the best, but look for a buyer? That's Cray 8
open Chinese investors gobble up owner of PCWorld, Macworld etc 21
open UK, you Cray. Boffins flex ARM in 'first-of-its-kind' bonkers HPC rig 18
open HPE bucks trend to retain high-end server crown 2
open Huawei very happy to be on Map Of Tasmania 11
By Stewba
open ARM buys HPC software specialist Allinea to help devs code good 2
open DDN claims burst buffer bashes 'past 1TB/sec bandwidth' 4
By Lusty
open NVMe too brigade update: DDN sees limited appeal in NVMe fabrics 1
open Meet the beautiful minds vying to be crowned the Student Cluster champs 3
open HPE is creaming Dell in HPC 3
open Dell EMC cranks Xeon servers into ludicrous mode with Tesla GPUs 12
open Boffins of the future gear up to build their own beastmode rigs 5
By druck
open Reg inquiry sees CSIRO clarify supercomputer tender 4
open OpenStack brings cloud at the press of a button 1
By lleres
open European Commission dangles €374m for low-power exascale research 7
By Lars



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