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open Sing it loud and sing it proud: It's all about the cloud for Microsoft 3
By Kev99
open Accenture in doghouse after NHSmail mass outage cuts off 1m+ UK health staff 19
open Save the date: Cloudera, Hortonworks set merger vote for 28 December 1
By defiler
open NHS supplier that holds 40 million UK patient records: AWS is our new cloud-based platform 85
By Dan 55
open OneDrive is broken: Microsoft's cloudy storage drops from the sky for EU users 118
By Soruk
open Amazon's self-driving AI robo-car – THE TRUTH (it's a few inches in size) 16
open Tape vendors feel the cold, clammy hand of AWS on their shoulders. Behind them grins the Glacier Deep Archive 29
open Come buy our kick-aaS products! Pretty please, says HPE boss man Neri 5
open It doesn't work with Docker, K8s right now, but everyone's going nuts anyway for AWS's Firecracker microVMs 5
open Amazon's homegrown 2.3GHz 64-bit Graviton processor was very nearly an AMD Arm CPU 32
open We all fall together. Azure MFA takes a tumble for the second week running 13
By hoola
open Linux lobby org joins with RISC-V bods to promote open chip spec 9
open AWS will keep your traffic on-cloud – for a fee, of course 2
By Flakk
open Microsoft suffers the Tuesday shakes as Exchange Online continues to be wobbly for UK users 17
open A rumble in Amazon's jungle: AWS now rents out homegrown 64-bit Arm server processors 19
open Roll up, roll up, HPE's composable infra charabanc is coming 5
open Microsoft reveals terrible trio of bugs that knocked out Azure, Office 362.5 multi-factor auth logins for 14 hours 64
open Office 365 Exchange enjoys a less than manic Monday. Users? Not so much 45
By AlexMac
open Lush scrubs its card-processing servers squeaky clean 35
open Black(out) Friday for HSBC: iOS and Android banking apps on the fritz 15
open Excuses, excuses: Furious MPs probe banking TITSUPs* 56
open Oracle sued by app sales rep: I made tens of millions for Larry, then fired for being neither young nor male – claim 55
By Alien8n
open Microsoft confirms: We fixed Azure by turning it off and on again. PS: Office 362 is still borked 48
open Azure, Office 365 go super-secure: Multi-factor auth borked in Europe, Asia, USA 68
open Amazon tries to ruin infosec world's fastest-growing cottage industry (finding data-spaffing S3 storage buckets) 8
open Pick three people you think will replace Google Cloud CEO Greene, then forget them – because it's Thomas Kurian 7
By P. Lee
open Red Hat talks upgrades and bare metal with its new OpenStack Platform 4
open Oracle's JEDI mind-meld doesn't work on Uncle Sam's auditors: These are not the govt droids you are looking for 23
By Aodhhan
open Hands up who isn't p!*$ed off about Amazon's new HQ in New York and Virginia? 69
open Empire state of mind: NYC scatters palm leaves for Bezos' cloudy web shop juggernaut 16
open Google's data-transfer boxen hit beta in Europe 2
open In the cloud, Mumbai is a long way from Asia 5
open VMware and Lenovo are about to hit go-go on Project Dimension beta 3
open SaaSy Salesforce's EMEA arm hands over £5m to Brit taxman 2
open Unsure why you can't log into Office 365? So is Microsoft 71
open McAfee says cloud security not as bad as we feared… it's much worse 33
open IBM sits draped over the bar at The Cloud or Bust saloon. In walks Red Hat 44
open Our brave El Reg vulture sat through four days of Oracle OpenWorld to write this cracking summary just for you 26
open Amazon is at this point a money-printing cloud machine with a grocery store in the parking lot 36
open If you saw a Google ad recently, know that it helped pay off one of its 'sex pest' execs $90m 21
open US congress-critters question prime directive of Pentagon's $10bn JEDI cloud contract 13
open Well, it is the Empire of enterprise IT... Oracle's Ellison plans 'Star Wars cyber defense' for his second-generation cloud 11
open Microsoft Azure looks to make cloud-native payments SWIFTer 9
By Def
open Alibaba pulls dust covers off its new London cloud presence 17
open Yale Security Fail: 'Unexpected load' caused systems to crash, whacked our Smart Living Home app 59
By JohnFen
open IBM spits out one cloud manager to rule them all 2
open Amazon Prime Music turns the volume down a little too much 21
open Fujitsu: We love Microsoft Azure, we're training 10,000 bods on it 1
open Outside of Japan, Fujitsu KILLS the K5 cloud with 'immediate effect' 12
open Here you go, cloudy admins: Google emits NATty odds 'n' sods 5
By o p


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