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open Facebook in a tizzy about 5 million paying users of its suits collab platform Workplace 4
open Competition? We've heard of it. MoD snubs cloud rivals to hand Microsoft £17.7m Azure hosted services gig 24
By Will 11
open IBM cuts deep into workforce – even its Watson and AI teams – as it 'pivots' to cloud 33
open ITAM Forum opens: 'People just want to talk to other managers about how to defend against software audits' 7
open VMware, Dell level up their combined on-prem cloud with much more computing grunt 1
By hoola
open TensorBlow? Data boffins struggle with GPU shortage in Google Cloud, opposition offers to help out coders 5
By druck
open Azure India wobbles due to ‘underlying physical datacentre issue’ 8
open Latest NHS IT revolution is failing to learn lessons from the last £10bn car crash 41
open Crooks set up stall on UK govt's IT marketplace to peddle email fraud services targeting 'gullible' punters 16
open UK housing association Places for People hands £21m to Salesforce to look after CRM and job scheduling 6
open VMware completes the native hybrid hyperscale set as Google turns on managed vSphere 1
open OpenStack Ussuri flows in: Chief operating officer spies public cloud chip wars ahead 1
open Tencent pop group, formed on a Tencent TV show, boosted Tencent games and Q1 revenue 2
By Korev
open Teradata switches CEOs mid-flight while being eaten alive in the cloud, but it's not game over yet for data warehouser 3
open Azure low-priority VMs become non-existent VMs, replaced by new Spot VMs 1
open Amazon flicks switch on AI-powered enterprise search service Kendra – but where are all the connectors? 10
By bballad
open We maintained or increased IT spending, say seven-in-ten pros, execs polled mid-crisis. PS: We love Microsoft most 7
By Maventi
open IBM to GTS staff: Not volunteering to leave with a redundo cheque? We'll give you a helping hand 44
By Yes Me
open Microsoft claims AWS has used new JEDI mind trick with secret contract objection filing 18
open Go on, hit Reply All. We dare you. We double dare you. Because Office 365 will defeat your server-slamming ways 50
open Surge in Zoom support requests was 'unexpected', says tool team as it turns taps down 13
By Darth65
open Keeping up with the Joneses: Cloud hosting biz UKFast's founders sell up 1
open ServiceNow's 6-week virtual conference kicks off. Yes, you read that right: 6 weeks... 4
By Nardies
open First it became Middle Earth, now New Zealand will transform into Azure region number 60 11
By Deltics
open SAP discards Ace of Sybase: Digital Interconnect unit sold for $250 million 3
open Hyperconverged darling Nutanix to furlough at least a quarter of its staff – 1,465 – for two weeks this year 4
open 'VPs shouldn't go publicly rogue'... XML co-author Tim Bray quits AWS after Amazon fires COVID-19 whistleblowers 66
open Oracle faces claims of unequal pay from 4,000+ women after judge upgrades gender gap lawsuit to class action 42
open Brit magistrates' courts turn to video conferencing to keep wheels of justice turning 19
open $31bn spent on cloudy infrastructure in Q1 on back of employees' mass migration to home working 6
open Extra knobs and dials for Microsoft's Productivity Score while Azure Active Directory lays on the freebies 3
By Giles C
open Jeff Bezos tells shareholders to buckle up: Amazon to blow this quarter's profits and more on coronavirus costs 25
open Past three months were a rollercoaster for Microsoft: Ad spending down, PCs and gaming flat, cloud climbing amid work-from-home demand 1
open Family meeting! Chocolate Factory makes its business-like video-chat service free to anyone with a Google account 19
By Terry 6
open Mystery cloud added 10,000 new AMD Epyc servers in under ten days to handle demand for you know what 12
open Like life for a lot of us, Google's 2020 was going relatively fine until March hit. Ad sales nosedive, but yay for cloud and Chromebooks? 3
open Guess which cloud giant Zoom picked to handle millions more video calls? Bzzt, wrong answer: It's Oracle 30
open Thought Microsoft's licence plans were Kafkaesque? How about a Kafka extension for Azure Functions? 2
By jake
open Windows 10 gets a little more G-shaped: G Suite admins can now manage Microsoft's OS, and that includes remote wipe 6
open Now might not be the best time to visit, but AWS just turned on a new region in Milan 1
By Flak
open FTP is crusty and mostly dead, right? AWS just started supporting it anyway 26
open Microsoft admits pandemic caused Azure ‘constraints’ and backlog of customer quota requests 14
open Google Cloud CEO says Istio will be handed to a foundation. The Reg: But what about..? Google: That will be all. 3
By Dan 55
open AWS is now African AF as it opens Cape Town region in South Africa 3
open IBM Watson GPU cloud cluster Brexits from London to Frankfurt – because GDPR 49
open Google shifting workloads to run when the sun will shine and the wind will blow 6
open AWS announces new single-purpose on-prem hardware and tie-in storage tier 4
By tfb
open Scaleway disarms its ARM64 cloud, cites unreliable hardware as the reason 11
open With the economy in turmoil, Alibaba to spend big on pipes and plumbing to catch up with Western rivals 2
By Aleph0
open US judge puts Amazon's challenge to Pentagon JEDI deal into force stasis 20



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