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open Guess who's working on a health data-slurping digital tool? Bzzt! Nope, it's the UK Department for Work and Pensions 36
open Court sees Morissette Meter flip out as Oracle assumes anti-arbitration stance in pay dispute 16
By Adam 1
open HPE wants British ex-CFO to testify in UK Autonomy lawsuit before Uncle Sam sentences him 24
open Here come the riled MPs (it's private, huh), Facebook's a digital 'gangster' ('disingen-u-ous'). Zuckerberg he is a failure (on sharing data) 39
open The algorithms! They're manipulating all of us! reckon human rights bods Council of Europe 29
open Facebook political data probe: £2.5m. Powers for the ICO: Priceless 6
open OK, Google? Probably not! EU settles on wording for copyright reform legislation 79
open UK Home Office dumps huge sack of complex data sets on biometrics ethics board's desk, goes for beer (probably) 5
open No fax given: Blighty's health service bods told to ban snail mail, too 67
open If you want a vision of the future, imagine not a boot stamping on a face, but keystroke logging on govt contractors' PCs 63
open The UK's Cairncross Review calls for Google, Facebook to be regulated – and life support for journalism 30
open NHS needs to pull its finger out and prep staff for future robotics, genomics, data-led healthcare 29
By tinman
open HMRC: We 'rigorously tested' IR35 tax-check tool... but have almost nothing to show for it 73
By . 3
open Oracle accuses US of underhand tactics because discrimination case 'doomed to fail' 16
By Tom 7
open German competition watchdog tells Facebook to stop combining user data without consent 34
open El Reg eyes up Article 13 draft leak: Will new Euro law give Silicon Valley more power? Some lawyers think so 33
open Civil liberties groups take another swing at Brit snooping regime in Euro human rights court 43
open Er, good luck:'s data ethics centre has £2.5m to review biased algos, microtargeting 1
open Thanks for all those data-flow warnings, Now let's talk about your own Brexit prep. Yep, just as we thought 169
open El Reg talks to PornHub sister biz AgeID – and an indie pornographer – about age verification 115
open OK, it's early 2019. Has Leeds Hospital finally managed to 'axe the fax'? Um, yes and no 62
By tin 2
open UK's ICO slaps £120k fines on Arron Banks' insurance biz and Leave.EU campaign 22
open Got a fancy but slurpy new product? The ICO would like you to stuff it in its sandbox 2
open Wednesday: Facebook sparks another privacy brouhaha. Thursday: Facebook axes Iranian disinfo bods. Fancy that! 14
By Mark 85
open Ad-tech industry: GDPR complaint is like holding road builders to account for traffic violations 42
open Smaller tech firms just aren't ready for a no-deal Brexit, MPs told 92
open Swiss Public Prosecutor will probe WIPO's misconduct allegations against CIO, says his legal counsel 14
open Europe taps Facebook, Google, Twitter on the shoulder. So about those promises to stamp out lies, bots, dodgy ads? 22
open Irish data watchdog to Facebook: Hang about, what's all this about a WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger merger now? 20
open Post-Brexit plan for .EU tweaked: No dot-EU web domains for Europeans in UK, no appeals, etc 162
open FTC gets back to work: Now, where were we? Break up Facebook and fine it $2bn, you say? 31
open Gripe to UK, Ireland, Poland: Ad tech industry inhales, then 'leaks' sensitive info on our health, politics, religion 24
open Data flows in a no-deal Brexit are a 'significant' concern – MPs 80
open Should the super-rich pay 70% tax rate above $10m? Here's Michael Dell's hot take for Davos 180
open Facebook didn't care if your kids ran up gigantic credit card bills – lawsuit 56
open Is your kid looking at GCSE in computer science? It's exam-only from 2022 – Ofqual 82
By ds6
open We did Nazi see this coming... Internet will welcome Earth's newest nation with, sigh, a brand new .SS TLD 201
open told: If you want public to trust surveillance cam strategy, throw money and manpower at it 10
open Intel applies hobnailed boot to countries where its men and women workers aren't paid the same 20
open Oracle robbed just about anyone who wasn't a pasty white male of $400m, says Uncle Sam 34
open EU will have agreed a tech tax by March, says French finance minister 43
By jmch
open Big Red's big pay gap: $13,000 gulf between male and female Oracle staffers – reports 77
open Looming EU copyright rules – tackling Google news article scraping, installing upload filters – under fire from all sides 75
By eldakka
open Protestors beg Google not to build censored Project Dragonfly search engine 17
open Say GDP-aaaRrrgh, streamers: Max Schrems is coming for you, Netflix and Amazon 27
By matt 83
open Tech giant to spend $500m dealing with housing crisis caused by tech giants 14
open Campaigners get go-ahead to challenge exemption UK gave itself over immigrants' data 11
open Diplomat warns that tech industry has become a pawn as politicos fight dirty 21
open US comms watchdog's industry-friendly 5G rules challenged by fresh legislation 14
By JohnFen
open Googlers to flood social media with tales of harassment in bid to end forced arbitration 40


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