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open Brit security services firm SecureData sold to France's Orange for an undisclosed sum 13
open Hard Brexit, soft Brexit, deal or no deal: Doesn't matter – all integrator CGI sees is dollar signs 7
open Brexit? Now that it's raining more than ever, know we're OK at Computacenter 5
open DXC Technology bids $2bn for Swiss big cheese Luxoft 16
open Dixons Carphone smarting from £440m loss as it writes down goodwill on mobile biz 54
open UKFast mulls putting IPO on ice due to six little letters: BREXIT 32
open Black Friday? Yes, tech vendors might be feeling a bit glum looking at numbers for the UK 82
open Brit tech buys frozen, but CGI can't wait to get integrating all those post-Brexit systems 3
By 701arvn
open UK computer dealer Aria PC loses £750k VAT fraud appeal attempt in THAT case 20
open Computacenter shares crash by a fifth as sales shrink... Nope, it's not Brexit 3
open Softcat warns of Brexit cloud forming over UK tech, vows: If prices rise, we'll pass them on... 51
By streaky
open The march of Amazon Business has resellers quaking in their booties 50
open HP Ink CEO: That $550m Apogee buy was to stop rivals slurping it 6
By I3N
open The good news: PC sales went up a little worldwide, say Gartner crystal-ball-gazers 4
By Timmy B
open Phew! Digital ad revenues to save Amazon's business model – analyst 1
open Brit outfit IT Lab snaps up Office 365 and SharePoint pro Content and Code 2
open Windows 10 transition props up business box revenues in Western Europe 2
open Euro reseller giant Computacenter gobbles US-based FusionStorm 4
open Computacenter goes Dutch, picks up Misco's Netherlands biz 3
open There is still gold to be had in the world of Microsoft resellers 2
open Can, can, can you buy it, CANCOM? Brexit's made it cheap(er), man: Firm inks OCSL deal 8
open HP Ink splashes out on Brit print provider Apogee 12
open Distie bosses tuck 7-figure settlement into Cisco's top pocket 18
open CEO of comms tech biz Daisy splits as sale and IPO talks off the table 3
open HMRC: Aria PC's £2m MSN Messenger deals bonanza was VAT fraud 9
open BlackBerry CEO: We need help from the channel to grow 3
By JohnFen
open Shiny new Capita boss to I know you are but what am I? 18
open Brit reseller Aria PC mounts appeal against £750k taxman VAT fiddle ruling 22
open Recycling tech biz bosses get years for VAT fraud, money laundering 12
By Mark 85
open Capita reports pre-tax LOSS of £515m for 2017 51
By Bill M
open McDonald's tells Atos to burger off: Da da da da da, we're lobbing IT ... 45
open Brit retailer Currys PC World says sorry for Know How scam 167
By alimack
open Maplin shutdown sale prices still HIGHER than rivals 192
open Capita screw-ups are the pits! Brit ex-miner pensioners billed for thousands in extra tax 54
open Fresh docs detail 10-year link between Geek Squad informers and Feds 68
open Trump's tax reforms lift DXC's profit 10
open Crappy Christmas! Dixons Carphone dials back profit expectations 21
open Wave Tata, Capita: You've lost mega-contract to rival outsourcer 33
By bonerp
open US shoppers abandon PC makers in hour of need 63
open IT buyer? Had enough of pesky resellers cold calling? You aren't alone 34
open DXC Technologies UK boss quits 33
open Capita appoints back bencher baroness as non exec director 15
open Today is your last chance to pick up a piece of channel history 21
open UK private sector joins public in... Escape from DXC Max 22
open DXC Tech asks staff to profile their skills 30
open Which reseller pleased fatcats today and rhymes with let's mute a centaur? 9
By Mycho
open DXC: Hands up in customer support – who wants redundo? 25
open Feel the pension pot burn, Canadian DXCers 10
open This is no yolk. Newegg scrambles against rotten shell company claims 20
By DougS
open DXC slashes meal allowances for travelling troops: Please sir, may I have some more? 50


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