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I salute all at El Reg

...for a job well done. The guidelines, structure of the site, and day-to-day management of us commentards are all done excellently.

I think if you started giving reasons for rejection, you'd be giving yourselves several simultaneous nightmares to no real purpose. With a readership who's first reaction to the guidelines was to try to break all of them in a single post; followed by a page correcting your pedantry wouldn't be doing yourself any favours is all I'm saying. From personal experience, you wouldn't be making anyone any happier and it'd seriously eat your time. "Because we say so" works fine. People can work out why when they sober up. It's usually pretty obvious why posts are rejected, especially with guidelines now. And the rules are pretty lax.

I like the "semi-threaded" posts- much better than the system before. I also like the voting system.

The compulsory title is still crap though. Kill it! Kill it with FIRE!

Italics would be good, as would bold (sometimes CAPSLOCK is not enough!). Maybe the ability to upload a custom post icon (to stop people asking for icons all the time).

Good job!

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