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OK, so let me point something out here (for which many will not like me, I do apologise. Please mind the rant...).

It's all very good and well to mention Welsh, American-Irish community and stuff. But these are by many regarded as dialects. Local variations within a country. Even if you call your province a country and enter it as such into football and rugby matches. Historic remnants. Interesting, respectable, absolutely worth preserving. But are they the main language of a full blown country?

Having said that, it is remarkable that these dialects/ historic remnants seem to survive the axe, while there are some "normal languages" on this kill list. Like the hack mentioned, spoken by many, and more important, on the list as the language of an official geographic entity, called a country. So, no doubt influenced by my own heritage: it is somewhat weird to see Icelandic and Norwegian on there, but not Swedish or Danish. And that has to do with "it must be difficult to find competent translators"? Really? Didn't you hurt yourself during that remark? We are talking part of the civilised world here, remember? Ever think that to disregard someone's language is perhaps disregard (your perception of) their significance? But then again, I wouldn't be surprised if the people making this decision never ventured over own borders and are still surprised by the fact that everybody is going on about that the Eiffel Tower is in Paris (Texas) although they're positive they have seen it in Vegas.

So, to irk people even further, and hopefully generate some contemplation: so tell me, why FFS is en_US maintained? Is this peculiar way of spelling now an official registered language? And if it now by magick is, why do you think the en_US variant of Dutch, South African, which is an official language BTW, thank you very much, is on the list?

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