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Irish is not dead, and it is a useful language. But it's an interesting example of how official policies can have the reverse of the intended effect.

The Gaeltachtai are meant to protect the language, but in fact they let everyone else forget about it, as it's 'safe' in the Gaeltachtai.

And, another interesting factoid, I believe more people use Scots Gaelic on a daily basis than do Irish!

But what is the 'use' or 'value' of a language? Any language? It's to communicate of course - "Me wantee drinkee", but it's so much more. Knowing a variety of languages opens the mind to the possibility of difference. Different languages can reflect totally different world-views, based on a very different history and culture. Languages do not map word-for-word from one to the other via a dictionary (although I have met people who seem to think they do). It's interesting to see how different languages refer to colours, for instance. A colour name sometimes doesn't match a range of wavelengths. In some of the Celtic languages (like Irish and Welsh) the same 'colour' is used for grass and sea/lakes

As software users we should be well aware of this as a problem - USian software that not only comes in any language so long as it's US English, but also thinks the world does everything the same way as they do in Arkansas. Actually we don't all have addresses or phone numbers in US format.

Treat yourself, learn another language - several preferably - from different families, and open your mind. 350,000+ now learning Scots Gaelic on Duolingo, 1 million learning Irish and 440K learning Welsh!

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