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"... Irish, I can (sort of) see the logic of stopping support for a language withe low use levels"

I'd like to see you explain that to the people living in the Gaeltacht. Irish law gives equal rights to Gaelic and it is used both in daily life and in the proceedings of the Dail, law courts and in legal instruments. As to the status of Gaelic as opposed to Welsh, they are roughly similar in that they are both protected in law and used by a proportion of the general population and government. Oh, and on the topic of "competent translators" most, if not all, of the speakers of Gaelic or Welsh are bilingual and actually speak English as well! Sometimes better than monolingual English speakers, Trump comes immediately to mind. Covfefe, anyone?

You don't have to live on an island to be insular and MS have just proved this by axing languages that people rely on. Are they going to pay for foreign language classes for those denied the use of their mother tongue?

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