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"AFRINIC is pretty bad and ARIN has numerous records flagged as having an unknown owner."

The _entire_ address space involved in the accusations you've just made would satisfy about 10 minutes of backlogged requests.

The real gold mines are in the /8s and larger allocated by Jon Postel prior to ARIN coming into existence - because Jon died before any of this became an issue or handed administratio over to ARIN, they've always been regarded as untouchable.

Several of those are not in the hands of the organisations that they were originally given to, having been "walked off with" by employees as the original companies folded, etc. (In one case an outside consultant only peripherally related to the original org took the address space and claimed it as his own - and when it was finally noticed it took the best part of 20 years to get it returned to the pool due to his combative stance. The saga has nothing on the deviousness and posessiveness of people when it comes to "low numbered" IP address ranges)

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