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Don't believe the hype indeed...

It is a very subtle, but very correct touch by El Reg to use the title of an 80s song for this, because that how long this kind of attempts have been going on. And, as a result, discussions about these experiments. In the 80s the magic word was "medical expert systems". The presentations I can remember from my own professional (medical) past was that you typed in your symptoms on one end, and a perfect diagnosis would roll out on the other side. Or so they suggested. Over time this quietly left the building, because those pesky patients didn't define their ailments in clear terms, fuzzy data all around, and pick lists and decision trees somehow didn't seem to capture all that other sensory input physicians seem to use. Bummer...

Fast forward a couple of decades on, and we have so-called personal health monitoring devices, which claim a lot, give nice graphs and data to send home, but are major inaccurate. But sell well, just like those snake oil treatments in the Dark Ages.

A virus, an orange president and Google decision tree web sites that look good on large card board signs. The cool feeling we're so much cooler and smarter than we were during the last century, because now have cloudy AI thingy stuff. Which seems to have the (same) issues similar stuff had decades ago. And don't get me wrong: yes, of course my tools got better over time. Yes, our scanning capacities did increase with automated image analysis and increased digital enhancement. But, we do have to get real on this fetishism that "the AI machines can heal humans better than other humans". Because as the track record shows machines (and the people building them?) are no where smart enough (yet). But hey, we do like selling them to the ignorant to make money!

Furthermore, think about this: the major part of a medical treatment is is the human aspect. Just consider this example: got corona? Please input your data at the screen at the entrance of the hospital... Processing... Our triage protocol shows that you will not be treated at this facility. Next patient please... Doesn't feel right when it concerns you personally, now does it?

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