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Anonymous Coward

So does anyone read Pre 1989 history?

So in Canada we have:

- A government that denies funding to organizations that don't tow it's political narrative (2018 Summer Jobs Debacle)

- A government that is now funding news agencies that write the 'correct' kind of news stories ($600m 'subsidies' for new agencies)

- A government that ignores Canadian Law whenever it sees fit (SNC-Lavalin case)

- A government that is now authorizing Euthanasia for any reason, including being sad.

- An activist Judiciary that literally makes rulings nobody asked for because they deem it righteous (Ruling against Trinity Western)

- A system of Law that DEMANDS politically correct speech (yes, you can go to jail for hurting someones feelings).

And now people advocating that governments use an *indispensable* technology to track citizens. I will soon live in a country where freedom really does mean "nothing left to lose".

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