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Aussie Doc

Good if you can get it.

Here in Outback Oz ® I've been medically retired from IT for a long time and now make wooden toys for a living.

I've worked from home for ~15 years from an outside, three car garage converted into a woodwork shop - my lathe, bandsaw, scrollsaws, drill presses, timber stock and the like. I have a separate metalwork shop with a minilathe, MIG and stick welders because why not. Finally, a separate finishing shed that's reasonably clean enough to finish my toys.

Reasonably fast broadband connection and wifi extenders and ethernet as able allows me to have PCs in each location for music du jour (as loud as I want - nobody for mile/kms) and quick access to my farcebook page (my demographics is young mums with kids - they all do facey) and web page for orders.

I keep my own hours - may work from 4.00 am until 11.00pm for a couple of days or have a day off, depending on <insert excuse here>

My critters don't care about my company as long as they're fed and I have a great partner who is a serious gardener - Permaculturalist so we have plenty of food.

At the moment, we have discovered that our lifestyle is actually called 'quarantine' and our government is going to pay me to stay at home more???

Yeah, we're older and fit(ish) folk and the kids visit when their lifestyles get too much but like any stay at home business, it's not for everybody.

Meanwhile, folks, you be you, and be the best you that you can be under the circumstances.

Stay safe, no matter where you are and who you are with.

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