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Taiwan collars coronavirus quarantine scofflaws with smartphone geo-fences. So, which nation will be next?

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Re: Which is more important, Privacy or Death?

Please take the time to read "Coronavirus Can Be Stopped, but Only With Harsh Steps".

PRoC, RoC (Taiwan), South Korea and Singapore are now "writing the books" about how to contain the spread of the epidemic. The government and their citizens have accepted that "privacy" has no place when the pandemic is not just "knocking on your door" but has made themselves comfortable in your living room.

The once mighty US of A is now being seen as "catching it's breathe, wheezing and panting" and unable to keep up with the rest of the world.

We have two choices: The Blue pill or the Red pill. The Red pill tastes really bad, give anyone headaches and hallucinations, however, this epidemic go away in a month (or two).

The Blue pill, does nothing. Wake up like any other day, do all the necessary activities like any other day and, maybe, this long, hard winter storm will be over in about 12 months.

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