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I am working AT home, for me.

Luckily I retired two years ago, I am renovating the fixer upper I bought to retire to, start work about 10:00, have a snack around 14:00 and stop between 18:00 -19:00.

We're on lockdown anyway in Spain but I am a bit miffed as my car is in the workshop 'til Monday when I have to walk 6Km to pick it up, then I can go on my second shopping trip to see what isn't in the shops, although when I went before it wasn't too bad.

The local farmers cooperative is just down the road though and farming doesn't stop so they are open and have several thousand litres of the latest local wine for sale at less than €1:00 a litre.

So no need for me to panic buy.

Everyone stay safe and relax, it's probably not forever.

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