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Re: Even if you are not mandated to stay at home, think twice before getting out

"And if something bad happens not virus related, hospitals may be too overloaded to treat you in time and/or properly."

Try to avoid that happening, to you or others. I happen to live in a country area with narrowish lanes (fortunately not Devon/Cornwall narrow) with a fair number of bends many of which are blind because of retaining walls and a popular walking destination. With the rapidly improving weather it would have brought a good number out to visit anyway and there's plenty of room to leave a few metres from other people.

But....The usual.

Pairs of cyclists riding side-by-side using the whole width of the road.

Cyclists ignoring the stop lines on the blind junction/corner.

Cars driving along too fast.

Lots of walkers about who need to keep on the visible side of any corner.

Yes, come and walk by all means. It will do you good. But stay safe. Country lanes are busier than you might think. Oh, and by the way, it's lambing time (thank goodness, it really cheers the place up) so keep control of the dog and keep clear of the sheep yourself; ewes can be very protective and even hornless breeds have a lot of hard bits.

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