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Tech won't save you from lockdown disaster: How to manage family and free time while working from home

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Working from home is one thing. Working from home, while the virus is outside raging, with a hypochondriac -- I think I'll take the risk and go to the office.

Wake up, wash your hands.

Before breakfast, wash your hands (but I just did that 30 seconds ago!).

After breakfast, yup, wash your hands.

Getting dressed, wait, that's yesterday's clothes. Get new one, wait, wash your hands. Get new clothes.

Before turning on the computer, wipe the mouse and keyboard with antiseptic wipe.

Before sitting down, wipe the mouse and keyboard with antiseptic wipe.

Did you touch your face? Wash your hands.

Can I log in now? Not until you've applied a healthy amount of antiseptic gel on your hands.

Turn on the Dyson air purifier.

Nuts, forgot to turn it on with a paper towel. Geez, wash your hands.

Wear surgical gloves before touching the keyboard/mouse (wasn't the antiseptic wipe sufficient? Apparently not!)


I'm getting out of here. I'll take my chances at the office.

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