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"To put this into context, every fixed line call in Germany has to go through a complete lookup of the portability database. That's a database listing every number that has ever been ported. That's millions of datasets. The lookup works with a simple barely optimized program which rarely takes more than a millisecond to look up a dataset, even on a very modest computer."

I should damn well hope so. Sorry, but it's 2020, and you're doing a lookup from a list of, say, millions of numbers to retrieve a small set of data associated with it?

There's no way it's searching one-by-one... it's hashing prefixes and following trees. If it touches 13, 14 entries for comparision, I'll be amazed. And at 3GHz, even, that's literally taking fractions of a millisecond, even if it takes hundreds of thousands of instructions on an in-memory lookup (a million data rows is NOTHING to keep in main memory).

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