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Re: "clarified once the uncertain situation caused by Brexit has been resolved"

I ain't Spartacus,

I am saying that we, as a nation set the tone. The talks between the UK and the EU did not happen in a vacuum, they happened to a media conveyed background of noise from the ERG emboldened by May's disastrous general election decision and subsequent weakened political hold over the party. The EU were fully aware of her position and probably exploited it to some degree to gain advantage, as any good negotiators would do. I would expect our negotiations team to do the same.

The fact that the EU turned down the UK's proposals and offered no alternatives is a negotiation strategy in itself. It's one which can be and is often implemented by the dominant party, after all, its not them trying to leave the existing agreement. There are no friends in negotiation, particularly when the doomsday scenario of us walking away has stupidly been publicly floated even before the negotiations started.

I stand by the divorce analogy, divorce definitely isn't about love, though more often than not, the process results in the complete opposite! The legal divorce process is about dissolution of a legal contract between two people, provision for dependents and division of shared assets. This pretty much sums up where we are with respect to the EU and where we are going.

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