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"Is it ideology over common sense to leave an ideological political block that seems to lack common sense?"

The CORE value of the EU, common market and its predecessors is to put an end to 2000+ years of relentless warfare across the continent by getting everyone to play nice together and avoiding the mistakes of the 1870-1914 sucession of interlocking defence treaties that resulted in the assassination of a minor Austrian archduke of no real importance by an anarchist of even less importance causing a bunch of things to click into place and setting in chain events that killed upwards of 6 million people over the next 4 years

This is the longest period _IN RECORDED HISTORY_ that there hasn't been a war of some kind underway in Western Europe. By that metric it's doing very well for itself - and the UK - whose entire political history as a country not part of Europe has revolved around keeping everybody else fighting each other and always being on the side of the largest alliance.

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