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"Corporations have no moral compass, they exist merely to find the greatest profits"

Which is directly contrary to Adam Smith's original statements and is an attitude that came along with the rise of neoliberalism and corporatism over the last 45 years.

Don't confuse "capitalism" with "corporatism" or "mercantilism" - the latter two are what capitalism unchecked will grow into, however they already existed BEFORE capitalism - see things like the East India Company and the way the British Empire operated up until the end of the 19th century.

"we" tossed out mercantilism/corporatism in the 1905-1935 period around the world because it had proved to be so damaging (GIlded ages, etc etc). The forces behind those things have been trying their utmost to return to those days because a privileged few make out like bandits whilst nobody else matters.

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