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"the discovery of Helicobacter pylori and a course of antibiotics would rid you of ulcers rather than having to use Zantac every day, the dirty tricks used against the original researchers in an attempt to discredit them was deplorable by the makers of Zantac."

Particularly when you consider that it would have cost Zantac only a couple of percent of sales anyway.

(Disclosure: I suffer from one of the myriad long-term gut issues that _isn't_ H.pylori and have to use variations on proton pump inhibitors daily - there are a bunch of them, mostly generic and Zantac is only one such brand on the market)

It's telling to note that this kind of "eliminate the competition/cure" mentality comes out of the USA or from older "empire" UK companies which have mostly ceased to be relevant as that mindset has prevented them from adapting to change.

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