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Re: "clarified once the uncertain situation caused by Brexit has been resolved"

Nick Ryan,

We can't crash out without a deal. We left. Just over a month ago and with a deal in place. There can't be a no deal Brexit anymore, as Brexit has already happened.

Will we exit the transition period with a new trade deal? Almost certainly I think we will. But it'll be something very minor - not an ambitious all-sector free trade agreement. There isn't time to negotiate that unless both sides were quite close on what they wanted, not even if we and the EU agreed to another year's extension to December 2021. But we could have started negotiating that in 2017, had the EU been serious about it - rather than trying to split the negotiations up into sequenced chunks and thus try and "win" by imposing deadlines at awkward times. That was a choice they made, not the UK.

As for dictator BoJo? Grow up. When he calls off the next election, then you can call him a dictator - and everyone will agree with you. Until that point, or it looks like we're even remotely likely to reach that point, you just sound like you're being silly.

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