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Sorry, but I can't let your first sentence pass without comment.

Ideas are patentable.

Designs are not patentable. These fall under the IP of Registered Designs in the UK. The U.S. calls these Design Patents. They are a completely different beastie than invention patents. The Apple "rounded corners" was a design patent, but many people confuse the two. It's as wrong as banging on about Javascript when people are talking about Java, to use an analogy which may be more familiar to readers here.

Art is not patentable. It falls under the IP of copyright.

The U.S. has certainly confused copyright and patents with the issue of IP protection for software. Mostly software is considered to be copyrighted (the GPL is a copyright licence after all), but in the U.S. it can be patented. This does appear, as you highlight, to mainly be for the benefit of lawyers.

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