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Hmm. Signalling?

The article's excellently written (nice one, Kieren), with the exception at the end that shooting-it-now instead of letting it drag out is declaimed as pure ideology.

Most people who've done bulk-project/-portfolio/-org work wouldn't have thought of that, leaning hard towards it just being much safer/commonsense to kill something dead as soon as it's guaranteed dead. Loose ends have a bad habit of snarling up real stuff later.

But now that you've put the politics idea in my head...

<stroking chin thoughtfully> It could well be that this IS a political move but in the much larger strategic game. Brexit in large. And the ridiculous "negotiation" approach taken by the EU.

It could well be Boris&Co taking the opportunity for a costless signal to that other venue that Hard Decisions WILL Be Taken & Timely. Framing and improving the negotiation basis for the larger matter; pre-puncturing part of their posturing, saving time and hassle.

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