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The President is very well protected these days. That protection includes a supply of specially-prepared food made only from properly vetted ingredients with a documented chain of custody. They don't go around in open-topped limos any more either.

It's really an annoyance to any place the President visits. Their travel route is secured in advance by a large team of secret service agents that search and lock down every building which might provide a suitable place for a sniper. Roads are closed down. Businesses are shut. Schools are closed. Even storm drains and sewers are inspected for explosives. It's hugely disruptive and costly, but given how many people would happily give up their own lives to kill the president (Especially the current one), it's the only way to ensure that doesn't happen.

In the event that fails, the motorcade even includes an ambulance, ready to rush in and try to save the president's life following an almost-successful assassination attempt.

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