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Bloke forks out £12m, hands over keys to tropical island to shoo away claims that his web marketing biz was a scam

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Accessories to the fraud?

This guys "work" is clearly described as a Fraud (though i cannot see any reference to a crime). He and others have had to surrender/repay relatively small amounts (as a proportion) of the proceeds of the scam.

But what of the accessories to the scam? Advertising agencies, payment processors etc? My guess is zero payback. Shouldn't they have also a responsibility to ensure that all their work, input and output, is legit and above board? The end result remains that they have a (sizeable?) chunk of the victims' monies.

Otherwise, why not simply start an "advertising agency" and intentionally seek out scammers who have large revenues to dispose of? Must be a fine line between that and money laundering.

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