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It's not just the Chinese like their take-aways.

I was working for a well-known systems integrator (they used to build aeroplanes, once upon a time..) in Farnborough while a team from India were there, working on a "joint venture". Everything seemed to be going well until the (employed by BAe, on secondment to the "guests") Secretary turned up one Monday to find the that someone had literally ripped out ALL the ICT kit - they left the mains leads and various bits of CAT-5 cabling, phone and RJ45 plugs in an unholy mess that the Desktop team had to sort out and clear up, but all the PCs, printers, telephones and even a dodgy fax machine had somehow disappeared between her going home before the weekend and her normal Monday start time...

We never did find out where that kit went, or why the management didn't seem to care...

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